How to Choose the Best Binary Options Broker

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 20th February 2021

Binary options are one of the easiest and most straightforward financial instruments to trade.  You do need any complex calculations to determine what you will gain or lose.  You only need to read the market and make the right call to earn some money, but you can also lose easily if you make the wrong one. It is for this reason that binary options are also referred to as ‘all or nothing’ trades.

There are a lot of people trading binary options all over the world. This trade is a high-risk but lucrative venture that could rake in millions if you know what to do. If you want to share the millions that can be earned from this market, then you need to choose the right binary options broker. The broker you choose will define your destiny in your trading career. There are a lot of legit as well as shady brokers online, so you need to be extremely careful. It is always good to carry out intensive and extensive research before settling on any particular broker. You can begin your research at


Good brokers are usually under a well-known regulatory body. Keep in mind that being licensed does not equate to being genuine. There are a lot of fake brokers that have genuine licenses, so you should be careful. Regulation is key if looking for a genuine platform.

Secure Payment Methods

A good binary options broker should have secure payment methods. Check if they allow bank transfers as well as money transfer platforms, and the level of their security. A broker must specify the range of payment options they have so that you can select from the same. Some security measures include a two-factor verification security system that requires strict verification of your payment details. If a broker pays close attention to such factors, then they probably are reliable.

Educational Resources

If you are a new trader, you will need educational materials to guide you through before getting into the actual trading. Good brokers give access to numerous and useful educational resources to both newbie and experienced traders at no cost. Ensure you lookout for such materials whether you are an experienced or a trainee trader. They are especially crucial for trainees.

Availability of Demo Accounts

Another important feature that a good binary options broker should have in addition to educational materials is a demo account. Access to a demo or a practice account is important to new traders. You need to practically learn how a platform works before you can invest any real money. So check for this feature when looking for a good binary options broker.

Minimum Deposits

Brokers usually have minimum deposits that they require the users of their platforms to deposit before starting to trade. This amount ranges from just a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It would be advisable to look for a broker that allows you to trade with as few dollars as possible keeping in mind other factors, and then you can increase your investment as per your preference. It is especially important for first-time traders since they are still learning the trade. However, if you are already an experienced trader, then consider going for one with a higher minimum deposit limit since it will also have a higher payout.

Assets Availability

Check the assets or the financial products that your preferred broker provides. Good brokers have a range of assets, exceeding 100. The more assets the better for you since you will have a variety of options. Most good brokers will have commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, and indices as well as Forex.

Check for Payouts

Fake or shady brokers usually put a lot of restrictions on payouts to swindle your money. Once you trade and make a profit, you realize that you are unable to withdraw money because of senseless restrictions. Genuine brokers are very straightforward with withdrawals. They will make it very clear the minimum and the maximum amount that they will allow you to withdraw, and the fees you should expect to pay. Look for brokers with such information clearly stated on their websites to avoid future complications.

Take Note of Withdrawal Times

It is always good to consider trading on a platform that takes less time to send your profits. The same urgency they receive deposits and deduct their commissions should be the same one that they send your funds with. A good broker will be very specific on how long you should wait to receive your cash based on your withdrawal method. 

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