How to communicate your vision to the team

by Josh Biggs in Business on 11th February 2020

Communicating your vision effectively to your employees is crucial when it comes to any company’s success. A clearly defined vision, that even the lowest strata of the organization is familiar with, ensures, that every team member works towards the same goal. To make sure that you are on the right track to be successful in communicating your vision to employees, use these tips:

The vision should be more than just a simple document framed and hanging on your office’s wall. Employees get used to it just hanging there and won’t pay much attention to it. Senior leaders can have a powerful vision in their minds, but that is not going to have much effect unless it’s communicated to every single employee. A great way to do that is to make the vision more tangible for everybody by breaking it down into goals.

Make sure you meet with your employees, often. If possible, it can be even as frequently as twice a week. You can discuss current projects and different strategies with your executive management team every Monday, and meet the communications and marketing team on Thursday. That communication gives employees a lot of clearance about the overall vision of the company. Sometimes it’s not possible to hold a meeting that frequently, but in that case, it’s important to let everybody know, that the lines of communication are open.

Planning an upbeat delivery is more important than you might think. Delivery of your product to the customers should make them feel excited. The same goes for delivering your vision to your employees. A positive attitude is very contagious and will largely determine the response you get from your employees. When delivering your message or presenting an idea, you need to make it exciting and positive. This will make the employees be more excited in response. They’ll then be much more likely to buy-in to your propositions.

Every organization can benefit immensely from two-way communication and needs to value it highly. A great habit to develop is to constantly seek employees’ opinions and thoughts. That is especially important before making decisions that have an impact on their work. With that approach, you can avoid a lot of bad surprises and discover, that it helps with your employees’ productivity and engagement. They’ll love providing their input and you should always encourage it.

Create photo books and give them out as a gift to your employees. Mixbook has a variety of templates to choose from for a photo book about your business. You can make a business yearbook or a project completion book, or anything else you can put together. These books are a good way to remember your employees about your company’s core values and what is the direction you are going to. It’s great to celebrate the successes and document the work process. And of course, it’s perfect to communicate your vision in an engaging format with words and nice pictures. Making the photo book is very simple. You can compile everything online and then get it printed. The staff is there to help you if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

Great leaders are great communicators of their vision. As a leader of your organization, it is your responsibility to get the right information out there at the right time.

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