How to Convert BTC to LTC With the Lowest Fee

by Josh Biggs in Blockchain on 27th January 2021

The beginning of 2021 is known for the boost in the Bitcoin rate of up to $42,000. It’s not a surprise that more people started to buy it and thus, more are curious about how to convert LTC to BTC. Some pieces of advice from this article will be helpful in this regard.

A bad way to exchange

When you look for ways to exchange coins, you better not use a direct exchange option unless you trust a person 100%. There are sites and forums where you may perform an exchange, but you can’t be certain a person will not disappear once you send them your coins. So, this option is not reliable enough to stick to it. 

Search for the most profitable rate

If you are an experienced trader, you certainly know that the rates of the coins are different on various sites. Thus, learn the market situation before making a decision or better check the rate on Godex exchange. This platform tracks the market situation searching for the best rate for you in a matter of minutes.

Check the wallet address

Once you decided which site you will use to convert LTC to BTC, be sure to enter the wallet address correctly. The matter is if you make one single mistake, you are going to lose your all funds. Blockchain technology implies the impossibility to undo the transaction. So you should be especially attentive while entering the address.

Check if there is a commission

Note that some sites that perform exchanges charge hidden fees when the transaction is made. So before starting, be sure you are not going to face any additional commissions you are not willing to pay. platform does not have any hidden fees, so you are not going to lose money while exchanging cryptocurrency on this service.

Be cold minded

Trading is a job and lifestyle at the same time. You should be prepared that it is followed by stress and you should be able to handle it. Keep a cold mind and don’t make any hasty decisions – stick to your trading strategy and don’t check the rate every day trying to imagine how much you could earn if you did another way. Keep calm and follow the strategy.

Take care of your privacy

The fact is that if you are a professional trader, you probably passed KYC procedure on some site, sending your documents and photo to verification. This takes several days and necessary if you hold your funds on some exchange. But if you want just to exchange your coins fast and safely, go to the Godex platform. It does not require any registration or further verification, it does not hold your funds – they move from one wallet to another in the process of exchanging. Thus you don’t risk giving your personal data to the site and hackers attacks are no threat to you.


Go to to exchange LTC to BTC fast, safely, and profitable at the best rate. Be sure to enter the wallet data the right way.

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