How to Design Opt In Pages That Convert Visitors Into Subscribers

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 15th November 2022

One of the most important aspects of an Opt In Page is its design. You want to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to sign up without having to click through a bunch of pages. This is why one of the best design options is to use a single-column text layout.

This layout is mobile-friendly and fool-proof, and it also keeps your Opt in Page focused and concise. It also matches the complexity of your offer, so it will meet your visitor where they are in the buyer’s journey. A pop-up image can also be used to add flair, and clear copy makes your offer immediately obvious.

Optimize your opt in page

To optimize your page, you need to ensure that it meets a few important standards. First, it should be easy to navigate. It should also be free of handwritten script fonts and place the fonts on solid backgrounds rather than on images. Second, your page should be designed to work well on mobile devices.

Third, it should focus on a single freebie, not several. And it should be short and to the point. Remember that most people have short attention spans, so make it easy for visitors to make an informed decision. Your page should make it as easy as possible for people to make their decision in a few seconds.

Creating a brilliant page can make a huge difference in your overall conversion rate. A brilliant page will show prospective customers exactly what they can get out of signing up. A good page can achieve an opt in rate of as high as 30%. A poor one, on the other hand, might get as low as 7% or even none.

Create a benefit-driven headline

If you want to convert your visitors into subscribers, you need to create your page that is easy to navigate and that offers something of value to them. Creating an opt in form with a benefit-driven headline is a great way to achieve this. Even if you have a simple form with only an email address, creating a benefit-driven headline is crucial to making your page more appealing to visitors.

Benefit-driven headlines describe the benefits of the product, service, or website. They also include a strong call to action that is suited to the product or service. For example, if your opt in form is for a multivitamin, using a benefit-driven headline would be an effective way to make this claim.

A high contrast call to action button is highly visible, so it will not be missed. A high contrast call-to-action button can help you increase your opt in page’s conversion rate. One way to create a benefit-driven headline for the best opt in pages is to use subheads. You can make your subheads bold or italicize. If your opt in form includes a call to action, it would be helpful to add a call to action button.

Another way to create a benefit-driven headline for opt-out pages is by using a powerful motivator. If you mention a visitor’s pain point, you can prompt an affirmative response from them. You can then use a high-contrast CTA button or simple form to get their email address. In Melissa’s opt in page, the only information she needs to provide is her name and email. Opt in pages are also a great place for “early-bird” offers.

The objective of headline copy is to grab the reader’s attention. Make sure to identify the problem your prospective customers are facing and provide an answer to that problem. By doing so, you increase your chances of converting your visitors into subscribers. A benefit-driven headline is also a great way to make your about page more compelling.

The headline should clearly state what a future subscriber will receive in exchange for signing up for your newsletter. It should also be in a bold font and easy to read. Make sure the sign-up form is easy to find, and the call-to-action button is easy to find.

Use real testimonials

If you want your opt in page to be memorable, you can use real testimonials from previous customers. You can copy and paste the testimonials from the homepage of your website to your opt-in page. Use keyboard arrows to select blocks of text, and then hit Command+C or Control+V to copy and paste.

Customer testimonials are a powerful marketing tool. They help increase your chances of making sales and converting visitors to subscribers. There are many ways to use customer quotes. These can be posted on your website, embedded in blog posts, or shared on social media.

They can also help you grow your business more quickly. The most common form of testimonials is a quote testimonial, which pulls from actual quotes by customers. Popups are another popular option for customer testimonials. These are highly effective and can be customized to attract visitors based on their behavior.

Video testimonials are similar to word-of-mouth marketing, but prospective customers can see that the people featured in the video are real. For example, RecruitRockstars’ customer testimonial page features over 15 videos from satisfied customers. To capture these videos, you can use a video capture tool, such as Vocal Video. This video creator also generates embed codes for your videos.

Ensure privacy

When establishing an opt-in page for a new website, it is imperative to include a privacy statement that explains the purpose for which you are collecting the personal information of your visitors. This way, your users will know exactly what they are agreeing to before they provide their details. The Privacy Notice should be easily accessible at the point of data entry.

Providing an opt-out option allows users to refuse the processing and sharing of their information. This prevents a person from consenting to receive unwanted emails and marketing. Additionally, opting-out is possible even after a person has consented to receive communications from you. As such, ensure that your opt-out process is easy to complete.

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