How to equip a gamer’s corner for complete immersion in the gameplay

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 17th August 2022

Gaming is not only immersion in the atmosphere on the other side of the monitor, it is also the perception from the outside.

Ardent game fans decorate the room, buy special devices, install lighting, so that the feeling of the game process covers completely in every minute of pastime.

Let’s discuss the required set for each type of game

Online shooters

Let’s start with good headphones – we need to hear opponents and the environment well. Shoot before they start shooting at us.

It is better to opt for headphones with a 7.1 system – they will create a bright, dynamic sound range with the calculation of the distance to the target and give a transmitted experience that is close to sounding in the real world. Many headphones have built-in lighting, which will complement the overall atmosphere in the room when combined with additional lighting.

Monitor at 120 hertz or more. It will give a smoother picture and soft cursor movement. It is easier to aim, easier to kill.

Backlit gaming keyboard – it’s hard to find a device that sets the atmosphere and pleasant gaming lighting than a keyboard these days. A wide range of colors blends perfectly with room lighting, looks best in a semi-dark room.

Smooth mouse and a good pad, ideally with a pattern of your favorite game. A slight movement of the hand will increase the percentage of hits in the head and improve accuracy.

Additional lighting – in online stores, there is a huge selection of lamps for every taste and budget. We are interested in lamps with support for changing colors from a smartphone and flexible settings.

Don’t forget a comfortable gaming chair, so you don’t have to take breaks to stretch your back.

If you want to jump into Destiny 2 Carry Raid, or MM into CS:GO – set the colors of the game to the lamp, headphones, mouse, put on your headphones and enjoy the full immersion in the process

Single Player

If after a difficult working week you want to take a break from people and enjoy your favorite game, then the tips from the last part of the article will help you, but with some changes:

  • You need good headphones – to enjoy the gaming atmosphere as much as possible and so that no one interferes from outside.
  • The mouse and keyboard should be pleasing to the eye, but do not have to be professional for gaming – most solo games are made for lazy and moderately active play.
  • Comfortable gaming chair
  • Good room lighting in your favorite colors.

Game paraphernalia perfectly creates a game mood.

Want to play Cyberpunk? Buy a play mat and a t-shirt in the style of the game. Set the lighting to match the game background, adjust the backlight on the keyboard and go – explore the world, destroy enemies and complete quests


At first glance, it may seem that gaming devices are not important for strategy at all, and you can, like 10 years ago, play on an old PC and win.

This is partly true, but the new devices have advantages:

  1. The mouse adapts to the movement of the hand and adjusts the speed – it helps to more accurately and quickly control units.
  2. The keyboard supports the creation and customization of macros + highlighting – we build and select buildings faster and visually look more pleasing to the eye.
  3. Comfortable gaming chair – matches rarely end before 30 minutes, so you should be as comfortable as possible.
  4. Headphones – good sound is the key to a pleasant game. Units exchange phrases, a soundtrack plays and environmental noise is heard.
  5. Lighting in the room – with the help of lamps, you can achieve chic light in the colors of your favorite strategy.


Quality devices play an important role in enjoying the gaming process. But it is important to remember – the main attention to detail.

Simple multicolored lamps, a gaming chair, headphones with high-quality sound, a keyboard and mouse, a comfortable mat, a good monitor. Here is the guarantee of pleasure and enjoyment of the gameplay.

Buy your favorite paraphernalia – T-shirts, caps, cups, mouse pad. All this will create a general atmosphere in the game.

Consider your playing style and favorite games. Be a good player and have fun!

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