How to Fill and Sign PDF Online Easily 2021

by Josh Biggs in Software on 30th April 2021

Are you wondering to figure out how to fill and sign pdf online conveniently? We are living in 2021, where everything can be done via technology. From grocery to business deals, there is not a thing that you can not do online. 

We are here with a solution to fulfill your wanderlust. The users cannot only sign a PDF online via this solution but can do a lot more. Stay with us by the end of this article, and you will learn everything about the solution we are going to introduce you to.


CocoDoc is a tool that has a versatile range of features for its users. It is an edge-cutting online PDF editor. It has a straightforward structure, which means anybody can use it with the utmost ease. 

CocoDoc increases work efficiency and, in return, decreases the time a regular document usually takes to be signed without wasting another second. Click Cocodoc to reach its website.

Safety and Security:

The most noteworthy thing about this application is that it keeps the privacy of its users its top priority. So, users can utilize the services with peace of mind and confidence that they are safe.

Another splendid thing about this application is that it does save your signatures so that the user can use them later, but no one else has access to use them. The user has to authenticate every time he wants to use the signatures.


The mission of this tool is to make the work digital so that humans can be saved from the grind of manual work. By making the work digital also leads to a decrease the paper usage. When the use is decreased, less paper will be made, fewer trees will be cut, and our environment will also be saved in return.

Legal Values:

The signatures are also well to go with the legal documents as they have the same legal value as the ordinary physical signatures have. You can even use digital signatures in the courtroom. Some states also allow it but do study your state’s law before proceeding.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that both parties should agree to sign a document digitally. As this cannot happen that one party signs digitally, and the other is signing physically.

Electronic Devices:

You can eventually sign any document at any time, at any place, and at any device, whether it is a PC, Macbook, tablet, android cellphone, or an IOS one. Nothing can hinder you from using this tool.

You just have to follow a couple of instructions, and you are easy to go with it.

  1. Open the application or document which is needed to be signed in the application.
  2. Click the ‘Signature Button.’
  3. Create your new signature or use it from the library. Also, you can use the photo of the wet signature.
  4. Once you are done creating a signature, click the accept button.
  5. Put the signature at the right place and make the necessary adjustments
  6. When you are done and satisfied with the work, press ‘OK,’ and you are done.

An online signed document has the same worth as the physically signed one, and it is also legally binded.


CocoDoc has a range of features for the users. The user can use any of the features according to the work he is doing.


CocoDoc has a library of templates for the ease of users. The user can visit the library and choose the template in accordance with the work he is about to do. It eventually has all sorts of templates.

Conversion of documents:

If the user wants to convert some word document to PDF form, he will not have to look for some other tool to do so as he can do the conversion in CocoDocs. Whether the conversion is to make a PDF or convert PDF to any document can be easily accomplished here at CocoDoc.

Viewing and editing:

CocoDoc allows the users to create the document, but it makes sure that they can view it ad if required and edit it side by side. The editing process includes adding date, checkmarks, text boxes, branding, online spelling checking, and much more.

Document Signing in a chain:

CocoDoc makes it convenient for the users and allows them to make a collaborative document. In simple words, it will enable all the members to gain access to the document/PDF formed in order. All the members can sign, read and share it with the other member in the chain to verify.

OCR Technology

This is the feature that is used for the computerized data extraction from composed or printed data. This makes it possible for the user to scan and create the PDF files without any issues and make any mistakes. Perhaps users can also scan the images or anything they want to the machine-readable form.

Using CocoDoc to fill and Sign document:

  1. The very first thing you are in need to do is to upload the file which you want to be signed. If the file isn’t in PDF form, then convert it into a PDF form, then upload it.
  1. When the file is opened, you can preview it and make any sort of editings if you want to. You will also see the option of sign in the pane. Click that option, and you will be asked to type, upload or draw your signature. 
  1. Mark your sign, make the adjustments, and download the document.

Trial period:

CocoDoc comes with a trial period for the convenience of the people. The trial period is of 14-days, and the users can avail the features, particularly not all, but those available are enough to understand this application.

The trial period is free, and the user will not have to pay a single penny, and it won’t even be demanded whether the user pursues the services or not.


You will not get anything better than this tool for your documents. So why waste time searching all around. Moreover, it comes with cost-effective subscription packages. 

So, you can easily get one without even having a burden on your pocket and can enjoy splendid features. Get back to us, and do let us know about your experience with this tool. 

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