How to get followers on Instagram

by anne jane in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 5th December 2018

The first impression,Instagram which was developed as a fun application for kids has multiplied. This has now become a severe content marketing tool, networking, selling and building the audience for brands and individuals. It is one of the popular social media platforms which are on the planet. There are over millions of active users monthly who are sharing images and billions of likes daily. Engagement rates on Instagram are an all-time high. Businesses can expand their brand, showcase the product, recruit future employees. Instagram can also be helpful in promoting the company culture and generate new services or business in a way that delight the customers. But note that, unless users are famous they are unlike to gain a significant following on Instagram.

Hashtags – Cross promote and be creative

Make sure that the hashtags which are created are on the profile on Instagram. Even take this offline and have it on the ads, on the signage in the store and at relevant events. Direct other people to use the hashtag. Combine all the offline and online campaigns by making sure that it is listed on the websites, in the emails and other social profiles.

Don’t expect that people will find out unless there is an initiation. While it is a case of caption ideas, look for the visible hashtag. Ensure to make up the story by using this and mixing it up. Be ironic, funny and outrageous without boring.

Engagement groups

Users who are new on Instagram have seen the followers proliferate. They started to grow the followers on Instagram by joining the engagement groups. While it is tempting to join, at the same time there will be a more particular list of Instagram followers who stick to the niche. There are different engagement groups where one can join such as travel, beauty, fashion and more. Through this group, it is easy to get followers and likes from others, but by doing a favour of liking and following their fan pages. While it is not of much help with the immediate sales, it helps in gaining the credibility soon on the Instagram page.

Assign a content creator

There should always be one person who manages all Instagram account. If possible select the one who is experienced in using this account. Ensure that the content creator knows all the features that the Instagram offers. In larger companies, there are many people have a word in the content.

That’s when the request or document comes in hand. This document should be understandable by giving knowledge on how to request a post on Instagram, when and why and the most important the value of that post.

Profile optimization

The first and foremost thing to do is customizing the Instagram profile. Always link the website page to the bio for the present and the future. Make changes for every week and use a handy clickable link to drive traffic to the popular as well as the newest content. Customize this content to look better. Tell the followers about the business and give a reason for them to follow. Ensure that the username is recognizable and quickly searchable. Next, make sure the profile which is created is public. To make it public, Open the Instagram and check the gear icon that is on the profile. Then open the Options menu and click on Private Account which should be turned off.  Finally, make sure to enable the notification so that the user can see the comment or share the photos.

Maintain a consistent style

People always have a look out for the future post instead of the present ones. So, be consistent on Instagram. Have an attractive fan page and post videos and pictures daily. If the users keep watching those posts, eventually they will recognize the content. They are even chances of following, as there will be the same kind of content.

Having a steady theme or a plan is more than merely about branding. It all about creating the expectation for the account. If there is a consistent design for every post, the chances of growing your follower count on Instagram increase exponentially. There are other steps you can take too. Moreover, some companies can even help you to increase the number of followers on your profile. In recent years Instagram growth services have soared in popularity. However, not all of these services are quite what they seem. For instance, as this article highlights¬†SocialMonk’s user ratings are poor¬†so it is strongly recommended that you are cautious when using these types of tools to grow your Instagram following.

Why not outsource? Income Artist has this article that reviews growth services.


On the whole, converting the followers into delightful customers is the real big aim. Building a community by using Hashtags and creating a campaign where people can join is one of the best ways for newbies. Always remember to give a new and unique hashtag. Post the images and quotes which should be consistent. These steps along with some other is a sure shot way to get the followers for the page created.