How to Get Started with Big Data/Analytics for Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 25th December 2019

Big data is not just a buzzword but a way for businesses to gain valuable information to propel their business forward. With a large number of platforms and trends, it can be hard for a business to decide on the best way to get started.

Big data and analytics are an optimal and easy way to streamline predictive analytics in 2020 and beyond. Various industries have benefited from the use of big data, and even small businesses can benefit from using big data and analytics.

Business and big data

Profits are good for business, so is data. Data is fast gaining recognition as a strong currency to grow business. In the information, harnessing the power of big data can save money and generate profits.

The benefits of big data can determine user behavior, consumer trends and can predict changes in demand. The insights generated from collected data can improve operations and help your business run smoothly.

As a business grows, it becomes important to be able to manage and predict risks, detect fraud and better understand consumer needs. This is empowering for a business operating at any scale and allows for better positioning in the marketplace.

The growth of big data in business

Not so many years ago, the term ‘big data’ seemed scary but with time has grown to be less intimidating.  Essentially, the introduction of cloud-based technology has allowed ordinary people to interact with data to make business decisions.

Furthermore, big data and analytics have become more accessible through simplified apps and software. With a simple subscription, a business can take advantage of these apps and software with minimal IT skills and make informed decisions.

Find the right tools

As with any aspect of your business, you need to find the right tools to streamline operations. Big data and analytical tools offer a wide range of features and you need to ensure the package you choose accommodates your business needs.

One of the benefits of big data is the availability of real-time information and ease of reporting through automated reports. This allows you to easily spot trends and work collaboratively with fellow team members. Depending on the size of your business, you will find a tool suited to your needs. 

Use meaningful data

With large volumes of data available, it is easy to get lost in details and this is not necessary. You need to have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, and ensure that you are accessing insights that will benefit your business.

Start off with a goal; if you are looking to improve sales, make sure you focus on information that relates to the topic. Most tools allow you to focus on a topic or keyword to ensure that the information you find is aligned with your goals.

Ensure that your information is secure

A data breach can result in immense profit loss. You have to ensure that the tools you use are secure. It may be tempting to use free software but beware of taking on such risks.

In the information age, you could lose clients due to a lack of online security. You need to ensure that you spend time analyzing potential problems and finding solutions to them.


Ideally, as a business, you need the assistance of a cyber-security expert to ensure that you are employing reliable big data tools in your business. As you collect information from clients, ensure that they know how their information will be used and make it easy for them to opt-out. As you get to know your big data and analytical needs, it will become easier to find the ideal platform and analytics model.

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