How To Get Your Brand To Rank Higher on Google

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 14th April 2022

Are you wanting to get your brand to the top of the Google search engine? Read on to discover how to get your business to rank higher on Google. 

Follow Google EAT Guidelines 

The first thing you should know regarding rank improvement is that Google uses a specific system to determine the rank of certain pages and websites. They use the acronym EAT, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Here is how it works.


Google wants to promote sites with accurate information. Their algorithm favors sites that have cited information that is clearly and concisely distributed. While this is the case for all industries, the medical and legal industries are especially held to this standard. 


Google also shows favor to websites that display their accomplishments. It is good for you to have customer testimonials on your website along with any achievements, credentials, and reviews you may have received. This shows Google and patrons that you mean business. 


The algorithm wants to promote trustworthy websites. This means you should get all of the credentials and certifications needed for whatever industry you are in and display them on your site. An SSL certificate is also a must. Companies with this will fair well with their Google rank. 

Other Ways To Rank 

Now that you know how Google’s algorithm works, it is time to dive into other ways that you can improve your google rank. It is all about the content of your webpage and how it’s presented. 

Start With Clear Titles 

Having the right title is essential. You should keep it under 70 characters because if it is any longer, it will get cut off on the Google search page. You should also make them as clear and descriptive as possible. Google rewards accurate titles. 

Use Keywords 

Keywords are critical to search engine optimization (SEO). This requires research and a lot of content creation. Take the time to research the best keywords for your industry and use them! There is just one thing. You do not want to just use all of the keywords you can. Google does not like that. 

You and your marketing department should narrow it down to a specific set of high trafficked words and use them in carefully crafted ways. The word count matters too. So make sure you do your research.


Hyperlinks are another great way to take advantage of Google’s algorithm. When you’re creating the content for your website, include relevant keywords that have hyperlinks to other parts of your website or other non-competitor websites. This will show Google that your page has more information to be found than others. 

Clear URLs

Google likes it when all of your pages have clear URLs. Many times companies will just leave the naturally generated URL that consists of an unreadable combination of random characters. You do not want this. Your URL should be easily readable by humans and relevant to the contents of its page. 

Have Good Content 

While pursuing the Google algorithm, it is critical to not lose sight of what is truly important. That is the quality of the content you are putting on your page. While the algorithm can help you get your website in front of more people, that will not do you any good if your content is not worth reading. 

Use Captivating Meta Descriptions 

Similar to clear page titles, meta descriptions can make or break your rank. When people scroll through the Google search engine, they often read meta descriptions to determine if the page has the information they are looking for. So make sure yours are clear and captivating.

Generate Traffic to Your Site

While pursuing a better Google rank, you should simultaneously be pursuing other ways to generate traffic to your website. Here are a few examples.

Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing campaigns are a great way to get people interested in what you offer. Whether it is giveaways, newly placed ads, brand collaborations, you name it. Figure out what is best for your company and do it!

Social Media Presence 

The modern way to look up something is through social media platforms like Instagram. While Google is still very highly used, many younger audiences will look at your Instagram feed before checking out your website. So, make sure that your social media presence is strong, consistent, and directs people to your website. 


There is no doubt that it takes a lot of work and dedication for a brand to raise its Google rank. In fact, many do not have the resources to accomplish this in-house. So, they outsource. Outsourcing to companies like GR0, which specialize in search engine optimization is often the most cost-effective and effective way to boost your Google rank and drive traffic to your webpage. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is a very systematic way to get your brand to rank higher on Google. All you have to do is outsource the right team to correctly put all the steps into place.

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