How to Increase Your Business Website Traffic Effectively

by Josh Biggs in Business on 5th July 2019

Do you want to maximize your business website and turn it into an income generating tool? There are many strategies that you can use to attract more potential customers to visit your site and check out the products and services that are in store for them. Here are some easy and practical business tips on how to have more people check out your site.


If you have a talent for writing, then this is the perfect opportunity to publish some articles that are related to your business in the blog section of your site. You can get in touch with several digital marketing agencies that provide local SEO services for all types of businesses to help publish your work and get more people to read it, therefore, increasing your website traffic in a matter of days.

If you cannot create blogs, then do not worry. You can always hire a content writer to create engaging blog entries for your site.

Get active on Twitter

If you are not that active on Twitter, then you should use this social media app to your full advantage. You should start sending relevant tweets every day and do not forget to link your articles to have a bigger audience share. Experts say that an average of five tweets a day can drive more people to check out your blog posts. Make sure to attach relevant links that will direct readers to your business site.

Improve your click rate

It is a good idea to you have your business listed in several search engines. The more clicks your website has, the better it is for your business. Choose relevant keywords that are related to your company and include them in the title of your business listing. Do not forget to add a couple of descriptive words; work on the features and benefits of your products underneath your listing to make it look enticing.

Create more listicles based on customer queries

If you have a lot of customers that ask questions about your brand or specific topics, it is a good idea to respond accordingly. However, instead of sending a personal response, why not do it in the form of an article so you can share it with a broader audience. You can write articles that start with these words “ten essential tips”, ” top ten things” or anything catchy that will convince your followers to click the link and read the article. You can also post these articles on your social media, like Facebook, to help increase the number of shares.

Good pictures matter

When writing articles or listicles, do not forget to add quality images. Remember that most of your readers find pictures visually appealing, which will convince them to check out your blogs and browse through your website for an extended amount of time. Make sure to add photos every 100 words written to keep your readers interested and get more shares.

Maintaining a good volume of website traffic takes hard work and creativity. 

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