How To Make Money With Blogging

by megan rose in Finance, Marketing on 4th September 2018

Making money, it a need and also it became a passion in every individual. There are many ways in the market to earn a decent income. If anybody has a talent in a particular area like drawing, singing, acting, etc., they can utilize it and earn the income. If the people have creative thinking and also have writing passion they can start writing a blog and make money easily.

What is a blog?

A blog is a continuously refreshed web page or website, it can operate by a person, that is written in a natural or conversational way.

How to start a blog

There are a few steps are involved in it, it will use to build a successful blog.

a. Set up blog

This is the initial step to start a blog, once the web page is ready the blogger should implement a few things and the bloggers doesn’t have much knowledge on technical aspects. So they should design the blog as per the reader’s aspect.

b. Start generating worthful content

After setting up the blog, the blogger must provide the valid content. The blog is surviving with the content, so the blogger should keep in mind and create the content based on the user’s perception. The content is many kinds and it will play a vital role in all aspects. The usual and worthful word is content is the king, it is the proven fact in many areas.
For example, if anybody posting a post on the social media or any other related platforms they must add some content related to that post.

Content is especially crucial when you start to build the SEO of your blog. The better your content, the more likely that other websites will be happy to link to your site. If you have a travel website for instance, you will want to create interesting articles on travel tips and tricks. From there, reach out to travel bloggers and ask them to link to this as a resource. You can also do some research on travel SEO services available. 

c. Start finding the readers

After completing the post, the blogger should find out the readers. this is not taking much time, because the blogger has already done the survey and start it. First, list out the reader’s priority and get the clarity, should know the pulse of the reader’s, frame according to them. After that, the blog post has to share in the targetted pages.

d. Build engagement

If the readers are visiting the page, the blogger can notice it and analyze the potentiality. The blogger posts should attract and engage the audience. So they can’t fly from the page. If the reader is inspired and they will keep visiting the site.

e. Start making income from the readers

Making money is not an easy matter, it will take time to earn money through blogging. The above all are just set up a blog, they have to work more for getting income through this. The blogger has to earn income when it has continued work.

How to make money through blogging?

There are a few major steps are involved in making money through blogging.

1. Advertisement Income

There are many bloggers are earning income with this. In various ways, this type of earning money from the blogs is not different from how a brochure sells ads. As the bloggers, organic traffic and brand grow they will find advertisers and they will be ready to pay to gain publicity for their audience. While the blogger needs a proper organic traffic to do a close deal with promoters there are Google AdSense (like ad networks) that behave as a representative and enable inadequate publicists to drive advertisements on their blogs.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means it is a kind of performance-based business in which a company rewards one or many affiliates for every visitor or consumer produced by the affiliate’s personal retailing efforts. This is the most general kind of income that the blogger readers have. The affiliate income is when the blogger link to a commodity that is for marketing on another website and somebody follows the link and ends up purchasing that commodity the blogger earns a percentage on that sale.

3. Events

This is also another kind of earning money through blogging. The bloggers are getting income by running a few events.
Those range from great conversations and events which hosts numbers of bloggers each year direct forward to inadequate meet-ups for a bloggers reader’s where cash is executed through selling readers to visit or by determining a supporter for the event. The online events are getting most famous.

4. Recurring revenue

Most of the bloggers are exploring is recurring revenue streams. Here the readers pay a periodical amount (like a monthly based, yearly based) for entrance to both a premium content or an association area, a few types of service, coaching, tools (the combination of these elements)

5. Advertising a Business

There are many kinds of business (brick and motor kinds) are making money indirectly from their blogs by utilizing their blogs to develop their profile and guide users to their company.

6. Services

A simple way that most of the bloggers earn money through giving services to their users. These may be anything from consulting or coaching, copywriting or to write, training to design other freelance services or training.

7. Products

The product can have many forms and make money virtual date information like eBooks or some courses, reports, software etc., The source of income is through eBooks and a few courses on the blogs. The way of gaining the money is through selling eBooks and courses on the blogs. In some kinds of products, a few bloggers are selling physical goods. This is very common when the blogger has a trade but for a few instances, bloggers also generate commodity (Clothing etc) or different goods to sell.


Hopefully, These are the major things to earn a decent income through blogging. The affiliate marketing is a well-known thing for the audience. Majority of the people are using this in their pages, the users need to update and get the right information regarding making money with the blog. There are many kinds of products are available in the market, the blogger should think cleverly and creatively. Keep the product based on the targeted audience. For example kids products like toys, study material etc.,

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