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How to Make Tutorial Videos with Screen Recording

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 31st March 2022

We have seen tutorial videos on various sites online and learned to recognize the great ones among the mediocre ones. A tutorial video is often called a “how-to” video that is very popular among people everywhere. It’s an instructional method that teaches the process part by part to complete a task quickly and easily. There are a large number of people who like to learn but not all of them can go to an educational institute. This is the main cause of having huge publicity for this kind of video. The creator of tutorial videos needs a great screen recording app to record the video and editing tools to edit the video perfectly. In this article, you will get to know how to make a tutorial video with screen recording software easily. 

Steps to Make Tutorial Videos:

This process will be done using a free video editing software. In this part, we are going to break down the whole process of making a tutorial video. Stay tuned till the end, so that it becomes easy for you to understand.

Step 1: Write a Script

For making a tutorial video the most important thing you need to do is to write a script. A script is a plan of what you are going to say in the video or what the video is about. You only need a few steps to write a script that is easy to understand and also defines your video perfectly.

  • Find a good place to write a script

To write a script you need a comfortable environment where you can focus on your writing. You have to choose your words wisely so that you don’t hurt the feelings of the viewers.

  • Be Conversational

You have to completely avoid unnecessary words in the script so that your audience doesn’t feel boring and clearly understand you.

  • Tell a Story

When you want to make people understand something, you have to follow a good story. You have to confirm that your script has a good start and a good ending.

  • Edit the Script

Once you have done writing that script, go through the script and start editing/proofreading. Cut off all unnecessary parts from the script so that your video doesn’t go longer.

  • Read your script loud 

You have to read your script out loud once before recording. This will make you look natural while talking.

  • Get a feedback 

If you have done all these steps, you have to ask someone to read it and give feedback.

By following all these steps, you can easily write a script.

Step 2: Choose a Fitable Screen Recording Software

You need excellent software to record a tutorial video. There are many applications in the current market from which you can record a tutorial easily. But it is pretty much difficult to search for the best program among them. Many of them give you limitations that you may not like. We would like to make it simple for you by suggesting the best application. EaseUS RecExperts is the one you should have a look at. It is a screen recording software that helps you to record your screen with internal and external audio. Both Windows and Mac users can use it. This software has a basic editor that lets you trim, add audio/video, adjust volume, add intro/outro etc. You can also choose to capture videos with system audio or microphone by using this excellent screen recorder.

The features of this beautiful application are –

  • Users can schedule the screen recording time as they want.
  • Have aspects like trimming videos or adding watermark on the videos and adding text lines.
  • Can capture any area of your screen easily.
  • Has streaming audio recording feature. You can choose to record your video with audio or without audio.
  • It can compress the video without losing the original quality.
  • Easy to use for beginners.

Step 3: Record Screen

To record the screen you need to download the EaseUS RecExperts and install this on your PC. Now you have to follow the steps one by one –

  1. Compose the Screen Recording Options

Open EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. After launching the software, the first option you will see is “Full Screen” which will help you capture the whole screen. Then there is “Region” that can only record a certain area.  On the right-hand corner, you will find an option named “Suitable sound source”. After selecting this you can adjust the volume. You can record single audio or video. If you want to cover your webcam footage on your tutorial video then click the “Webcam” option.

  1. Define Recording Settings

Once you compose the recording options, you may want to configure the recording settings. Open the menu by clicking “Settings” and then select a layout for your screenplay. You can also define other options as you like. To save your settings you have to click “OK” at the bottom.

  1. Click to Record or Stop

After choosing the recording area and volume, click on the “Rec” button for starting the record. Then you will see a floating toolbar on the screen while recording. The two options on the toolbar will help you pause or end the video.

  1. View Recordings

After the recording is complete, you can find all recorded videos at a single location in this software. You can recheck and edit the recorded video here.

Step 4: Edit the Recorded Video

For making a successful tutorial video, you must edit it. You can edit your recorded video with the basic video editing features of EaseUS RecExperts. Below are some of the exclusive options that you can use from this tool –

Add Transition:

  • Import the file in the desired aspect ratio on the screen.
  • Select the transition tab. You will find various transition effects.
  • Choose the one you like and then apply it.

Add Watermark:

  • Import the file in your timeline area.
  • Add a watermark to your video.

Add Texts:

  • Import the file.
  • Add texts to your video.

Trim Option:

  • Add video in the timeline.
  • Trim your video. You can remove unnecessary parts from your video by trimming.

N.B: If you still need to edit your videos with advanced video editing software, then you should start using EaseUS Video Editor. It’s one of the best because it offers you fascinating features which you won’t get from other editors. By using this editor you can easily erase all the mistakes you did while recording the video. It has many tools like trimming, splitting, deleting, watermarks, adding texts, transitions and so on.

Key Features:

  • Users can remove unnecessary noises from the video if they want.
  • Have the ability to extract audio from videos.
  •  Users can export the video in any layout.
  • Have the ability to add different effects to the video.

Step 5: Export the Video

After recording and editing, you have to save your file. For saving the file you have to follow these steps-

  • Click on the file from the bottom menu.
  • Choose to share from the file menu.
  • Select the video resolution and quality.
  • Choose the way.
  • Export the video.

Now the file has been stored on your computer and you can upload it anywhere you want.


Nowadays video tutorials are pretty much popular all around the world. It isn’t easy to make a video tutorial. It needs a lot of concentration and effective screen recording software. But to make your work easy, EaseUS has both a recorder and editor. By using EaseUS RecExperts, you can easily record everything and for editing the whole recording you can use EaseUS Video Editor. If you need to record a tutorial video, this article will help you.

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