How to Modernize Your Education Business: A Guide

by Josh Biggs in Business on 23rd February 2022

Education is a huge global sector. It doesn’t start and finish with state institutions and private schools, either, but expands into private colleges, in-house teaching programs, and online courses that people can take at any stage of their lives. As such, there are thousands of companies focused on teaching – and the quality of that teaching will generally translate into the success of the company. This short guide will look at how modernizing your education business can deliver to students, investors, and your own workers – helping you run a far better organization in the future. 


First and foremost, being an agile and responsive business always means tagging onto the right trends and picking up the right technologies. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s clear that there are some trends that are here to stay rather than flashes in the pan. Some of these are:

  • The rise of online learning, which many universities are embracing as a means to provide better resources and feedback to students
  • The implementation of online lectures – recorded in the lecture theatre and shared online, improving accessibility
  • Different forms of assessment, such as open-book examinations, which may lead to new learning goals across education and academia

And all of these trends require technology to harness and respond to. Happily, there’s plenty out there for you to investigate, trial, and put in place. 


Education technology has sought to bring teachers as close to students as possible over the internet from the outset. Now, with education technology maturing and gathering interest globally, there are several incredible suppliers of all-in-one education tech solutions that you may be able to benefit from in your modernization process. 

Take thinqi.com as an example. Here, teachers cannot only upload key materials and lectures to the platform – they can also make use of the event-planning feature and start live debates with students who are working on a particular course. It’s through smart, intuitive technologies such as these that your business will mature into one in which you’re offering the finest level of education you possibly can to your student intake. 


Sometimes, modernizing doesn’t just mean engaging with the trends and the technologies of the age – it also means bringing in new skills. That’s because you may find yourself hamstrung by employees who’ve not themselves received training or qualifications in all things digital – and therefore cannot contribute to your digital transformation. 

Of course, training these employees will always remain an option, and making older workers redundant is rarely the answer. Bringing in fresh talent with social media and digital skills will help you to appear modern, engage with a young base of students, and ensure that you have the expertise on your team to keep turning the ship in the direction of the future. Make these new hires while improving the skills of your entire team in order to truly modernize your firm. 

There you have it: a short guide to the key changes you ought to make in order to truly modernize your education firm in 2022. 

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