How To Pick Stocks for Beginning Investors

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 30th January 2022

Beginners in the investment world are forced to lean on their own limited experiences and any examples that seem like a good path forward to success. In the early stages, many people fall for some of the same mistakes that millions of others before them succumbed to. This is where investing gets interesting though. Everyone is going to have a bad deal or failed stock pick. The mark of a successful investor (or that of a future success) is how you deal with a blown investment. Learning from your mistakes will make you a more competent trader over the long term, and the rockier your initial experience, the more opportunities you have for growth.

Looking at investments as a microcosm of the larger market is a great way to develop a vibrant trading strategy that will serve you well over the many years that you’ll be investing, but selecting stocks and other commodities to invest in never really gets easier. This is because the market is continuously evolving and shifting. Commodities themselves never stay static either. With new and exciting opportunities for value growth coming to market all the time, the first thing that you need to understand about profit is that it is and can only be driven by your own intimate knowledge of assets and marketplaces. Research and experience provide the foundation for all the great things that are to come for you and your portfolio.

With that said, leaning into these particular areas of the investment marketplace can help you speed up the process as you begin your journey as a new trader with a hunger for profits and success.

Cryptocurrency offers a fantastic landscape for fast movers.


Crypto assets are some of the newest options out there for investors. The best crypto exchanges Canada offer Canadian investors access to a fast-moving asset class that trades at all hours of the day. Unlike stocks, forex, and other markets, the crypto arena never sleeps! This means that you can log into your account at any time that suits your busy schedule in order to set trades and orders that will continue to boost your overall profits. Cryptocurrency is a unique asset in another way: These coins are traded in a similar fashion to stocks or forex commodities, and yet you can also spend them with digital and physical merchants in exchange for goods. This provides a dual-threat asset that can conform to any specified needs that you may have as a consumer.

Physical production remains a highly sought-after commodity in the stock market.


Taking a decidedly different approach to the marketplace is also a great option. For all investors, diversification is a key feature of a growing portfolio of assets that can withstand downward pressure through things like a housing market crash, dot-com bubble, or the current coronavirus pandemic.

Manufacturing, mining, and other heavy industry options are a great way to bring in a new sector to your portfolio. With assets like Alamos Gold, you can take advantage of both the increasing importance of mining companies and the underlying value of gold products such as wiring and bullion ounces. Gold miners like Alamos (NYSE:AGI) provide investors with both a highly lucrative dividend and a value growth that is unbeatable in many other corners of the stock market. Alamos Gold is committed to environmental protection as well, making Alamos a great asset for those who are worried about social pressures on heavy industry. Ahead of the curve, Alamos is poised to withstand any new regulations that may be in the works in the United States or around the world, unlike many other mining outfits.

Consider these asset types for a great start in the market.

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