How to promote your blog- the fastest way to 1000 visitors per day

by anne jane in Digital Marketing, Tips on 22nd November 2018

In reality, attracting a high number of visitors to the blog or website is one of the common goals for any businesses. However, no one has time, skills and budget for marketing to get thousands of visitors daily. As most of the entrepreneurs know generating traffic is the profit to the web. The more traffic it has, the more users subscribe and buy the products or services. This spread the word through social media like Twitter or Facebook.
Having said that, there is no wrong in having an attractive blog design or following the SEO rules correctly. But the problem arises when there is so much attention to the technical stuff rather than focusing on providing the immense value to the users or visitors.
Below are few steps or methods to attract millions of visitors and generate traffic.

Attractive content

The step one process business should focus on is getting the traffic by creating a high content. The content is what attracts more visitors to the website. While writing the content one should look into the audience perspective and use simple sentences. Second, the content should make the reader find something in it.
Before writing every writer should research and brainstorm for high traffic keywords. Finding and researching on Google about the keywords is all about the content.
While writing content apart from the keywords, even consider the headlines. Write the headlines which capture people’s attention. While writing headlines, think from the visitors perspective and include what they learn from that. Sometimes, while including the writers tend to include more sub-headlines, but it is always better to break up the content and make it simple to read.

Assess Search Engine Result Page (SERP)for topmost articles

Always try to use the keyword research method and generate the topic ideas from SERP, for the content creation process. For this use Google Keyword planner which is a free tool. In this tool, there is a possibility of searching the main focus words which are used for the topic or the keywords which are ranked on the search engine. While creating the topics for the content, few of them are outstanding than others. One among the others is the numbered list which is easier to create. For instance, one can use the keyword like “top 10 list to become a professional web designer”, “100 benefits of coffee for workaholic employees”, etc. ¬†Over here the first words are indicated with numbers.

80-20 rule for blog promotion

According to the survey, 80 per cent of consequences results from 20 per cent of causes. Apply a similar rule to attract 1000+ visitors to the blogs. Go and find out where the targeted users are gathering online. Is it on Twitter, Facebook, or blog carnivals or any other top blogs. To find out refer Google analytics data, and analyze the top 5 traffic sources. concentrate more on the traffic sources for boosting the website. Always try to answer these two questions for gaining 1000+ visitors.
What are the top five traffic sources?
Is there a quality time spent on those five sources to boost the traffic?
It is a better idea to focus on every traffic source and get the results by answering the above questions.

SEO friendly blog

The three elements which play a vital role in making a blog SEO friendly is to draw more shares, links and comments, ultimately the traffic. Always make the blog to navigate it to the content. When the content is accessible to read visitors love to stick to the blog. Besides, clean up the sidebar and make the conversion rates. A clean sidebar allows white-spaces thus helping the visitor to focus on the content. This aspect is essential for any blog to succeed. Backlinks are the pillars for any successful blog or website. If there are more backlinks, there is a possibility of generating organic traffic t the blog.

Guest posting

Every blog and the website needs traffic. Especially in the beginning, there should be some massive.  Writing killer content for the own website or blog there should be an active participation to the other blogs. Guest blogging is the quickest ways to earn laser targetted traffic. Through this, there are other benefits also like earning high-quality backlinks, enhanced exposure for search engines and social media, boost the brands and earn the reputation.

Thus to put on top of the audience’s mind this is the best way to increase the traffic. The job is not yet done, once the guest post has been done, there is more to it. Once it is done, respond to each comment which is received.


In the starting, writers or experts are so busy, they go on writing the blog posts. But after a few months, they are not sure of attracting the visitors and earning money and they just give up. Ultimately they fail. Even if there is a correct thing, it is unrealistic to earn a ton of visitors and traffic to the sight. These things need time and patience. So, the above mentioned are few methods to attract visitors to the site. However, there are many approaches to this.

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