How to Protect Your Business Online From ISP Surveillance?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 25th October 2019

The last five years have seen businesses grow and evolve. A lot of this development is thanks to the internet and the boundless possibilities it provides. Unfortunately, the increased reliance of consumers and businesses on the internet have brought about new threats that are causing exponential losses to these entities each year.

According to a report by cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is going to cause approximately $6 trillion in damages globally. Businesses form a larger chunk of this amount than individuals.

In this article we explain the source through which hackers gain access to a system and what businesses can do to stop them.

What is ISP Surveillance?

An ISP or Internet Service Provider is any local company that provides network connections to homes or businesses. All data traffic emerging from a system pass through the servers of an ISP first and then onto the website for which it was intended. Since all user IP addresses are public by default, an ISP can easily keep track of where a request came from and where it is headed.

The abolition of net neutrality in 2018 has given ISPs a greater free pass to keep track of user’s data history, the information they enter online and other private details. This process is known as ISP surveillance and as it is evident, it is a breach of online privacy. An ISP has the authority to use data logs from their users in any way they want and many sell this data to third parties for profit.

The threats it poses

At present, there are no regulations that control what an ISP does with user data that they collect. They are obliged to share this information with authorities on request and at some point that too is off the charts for most of us. As you can imagine then, ISP surveillance brings a host of issues that how a person rates it will depend on their preferences when browsing online.

The biggest threat thus far from ISP surveillance is that the data they gather is sold without any verification. Online businesses are continuously on the network because that is where most transactions happen these days so not only is their own private data vulnerable but so is that of the users. If your business offers online payment, you can imagine that ISP surveillance can lead to immense monetary losses.

Steps to protect your business from ISP tracking

Protecting online privacy and data logs from Internet Service Provider is crucial for businesses if they want to build a credible reputation for themselves. Here are a few ways in which you can do that:

  • Employee awareness: First and foremost is training employees. This is vital for small or medium businesses because they generally ignore such precautions but recent statistics show that such companies are equally under threat. A business owner and the team should be aware of the challenges and risks that come with ISP tracking. This is the initial step in protecting a business,
  • Use secure servers for your websites: Platforms with a HTTPS domain provide data encryption for users and the business running the website too. Although it’s not comprehensive protection against ISP tracking but it is a good start,
  • Request private IP addresses: Ironically, a private IP address is also given by the ISP which is why it is difficult to get one. However, if you can make it happen, that would help your business in many ways,
  • Use a VPN: By far the most effective way to eliminate the threat of ISP tracking is to use a VPN. These services act as a barrier between you and the ISP. They mask the data traffic making it anonymous. It is an affordable yet comprehensive solution for small and medium businesses.

The benefits and significance of using a business VPN

A VPN is the most noteworthy solution on the list because it is everything in one package. It provides dedicated IP addresses to multiple users within the business. They allow for split tunneling to avoid drawing attention from the authorities. The top-of-the-line services have military grade encryption protocols and all these factors combined ensure that ISPs are left in the dark completely.

VPNs provide an opportunity for businesses to create secure cyberspaces for themselves and their customers. In a digital world where it is impossible to hide private data, a VPN allows you to do just that. Many leading VPNs like Ivacy provide tailor made Business VPN services that cater to all the needs that the organization may have regarding ISP surveillance, unblocking global content or performing secure transactions.


Cybercrime is a growing threat but acting upon it is a personal decision for business executives. Despite this, we live in a time where protecting against online spying is imperative or else the losses are monumental. With a Business VPN, both the organization and its consumers can rest assured that they are browsing in a considerably secure space.

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