How to repair a cracked phone screen

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 10th February 2021

Did you know even a simple mobile screen fix costs around $50?

Cracked phone screens are costly to fix. Then again, some do-it-by-yourself strategies can move away from a repair shop visit and save your money. 

There are some DIY home remedies that you can follow for such situations. Aside from helping to fight your worst nightmare, they should only be undertaken at your own risk and extreme doubt.

So are you brave enough to take such a risk? 

Here are some cheap DIY tricks to help yourself in a small crack or scratch situation. 


Is it a myth, or can you actually fix a full cracked piece with toothpaste?

Toothpaste can provide a temporary fix to mobile screen fix. Small scratches and cracks can be filled with it for a limited amount of time. It offers no permanent solution. The paste-over thing can only make the crack less obvious.   

To do it, first, take a cotton bud. Put some toothpaste on it and rub on the scratch. That way, the scratch is minty fresh and ready for the next operation.

Vegetable oil

Another cheap trick to temporarily fix the problem is by rubbing the oil on the scratch to hide it. When it gets rubbed off, apply it again manually. 

A plastic bag

Cracked or shattered, use a plastic bag to stop it from getting into its worse condition. Just use a transparent plastic bag all around the mobile, and it should temporarily stop the problem from being any worse. 


If the mark is small, you can sand it down with paper or a grinding machine. Sounds crazy, right? Just do it for yourself and see the result.  

Baking soda

Aside from toothpaste, baking soda is also a great alternative. A bit of water with baking soda, turn it into a paste and use a cloth to rub on the scratch part. It will cover up for a while.  


When talking about repairing, bonding, or filling surfaces together, Sugru comes at its best. It is a moldable glue kit mainly used for repairing. It is a good starting point to repair your phone screen

Sugru can cover every edge of the screen. The longevity is better than toothpaste and others. Even in the case of an entire screen massive crack, Sugru still does its work properly. So far, the best choice for a short-term fix.

All you have to do for utilizing such element-

  1. Clean the screen first
  2. Use transparent adhesive tape around the area affected
  3. Mark the area where you will apply
  4. Apply the patch thinly. Give it some more if needed after applying. 

In case of full-scale damage 

Above mentioned methods are all cheap DIY methods available for small fixes. After these come the big ones, you may be looking forward to a perma-solution.

If your mobile screen has gone through a severe amount of damage, doing a full surgery is the only key aside from getting a new device. The compact internal design makes it complex to do such a replacement. The process is given down below. 

Getting the repair kits

First things first. If you are looking for some full damage repair, you need the proper equipment. Getting the plastics, gloves, wristbands, static guard mat, specified screwdriver for mobile installations are the most apparent repair kits that you need to keep inside your toolbox. To avoid any kind of accidental issues, these gears are like a must.

 Doing the Teardown

To replace it, first, you have to take it down. The question remains, how? 

Firstly, you have to remove the back cover and take out the main battery. Remove any cables in contact and slide out the sockets. The tape-style cables sometimes hold onto the frame and parts, so be gentle while removing it.

After that, use the specified screwdriver like Torx that can consist of a motherboard-containing frame to LCD-containing chassis. After that, take away the back frame gently and carefully pull it apart. 

During such a process, maintain visual cues to which cables will reattach after removing LCD-containing chassis and glass assembly by unscrewing another bunch of screws. Keep the set of screws in different bowls.

A word of caution, do not touch the LCD face. That is the process of taking it all down. Throughout these all, wear gloves to maintain safety. 

Replacing the Screen

After you took it all off, now comes the part of replacing the main screen. 

Firstly, attach the double-sided tape to those areas that lost their stickiness. Refrain from allowing the tape to overlap the main part of the glass. To maintain accuracy with your hand.

Find the foam paddling there and reattach. Thread the cable and remount with the new glass firmly by pressing it into place. Reattach the whole thing like a camera. Chassis, frame, and so on accordingly in order.

I repeat, the whole process has to be really careful. Do not touch inside the glass anyhow. It will leave fingerprints. Also, remove all dust from the LCD and keep it clean. Follow visual guidelines to make the process easier. 


There can be varieties of cracked or scattered types of mobile. Small fixes and the fixes that can be manually done are also part of repairing. 

The crack can be small or big; it can be the whole screen of your mobile. But repairing something with your own hands has a different feeling of itself. So before running off to the repairment, do give it a try. Save the money, be effective. 

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