How to sell a website for the most money possible

by anne jane in Business, Digital Marketing on 28th November 2018

Is there a way to initiate the process of earning money by merely buying and selling websites? Making a website to earn profits from the initial can be challenging, but there is a way to it. The shortcut way for any blog and website owners is to sell the site for maximum. This is generally taken up privately. The process of selling and buying a home is similar to the process of purchasing and flipping homes. Like in any other investments, there are inherent risks which are involved. The website owner looks for the undervalued website, improve it accordingly with minimum time and money. Then sell these for a higher fee.

Factors determining the selling price for a website

  • The first factor which comes to mind while selling a website is what to sell. One can sell everything from the domain name to the mailing list.
  • What are the buying opportunities and who are the right buyers or investors? Attracting the correct buyers is essential.

  • How to negotiate and sell. It is essential to negotiate the deal and create it with the best structure. 
  • Nowadays more people are mobile-friendly and look at their screens on the mobiles. A responsive design that is automatically adjusted with the size of the screen should be there.
  • High-quality images and HD videos bring people and make the website more convenient

    Tips for selling a website for profits

    Making an optimized ready-made websites include more than just a few ads, linking a few affiliate internet networks and hoping to be the best. Before initiating to sell a website, think how can that website brings money.

    Below are few tips for making the website profitable.

    Make an offer by improving the site

    If there is a suitable site, do a proper background check. Then take the time for making an offer. Some of the sites, have a price displayed but for others offers has to be made. Besides, start with a lower offer but do not low the ball. Begin at 70% of asking price, especially if there are any negative things which are unable to uncover the site.
    Once the website is purchased and got transferred to the desired name, it is time to revamp and prepare for potential buyers. Improve the content strategy, explore the affiliate opportunities and negotiate the better deals. Overall, try to optimize the traffic and income.

    Test before selling the website

    Sell the blog or the website, no matter how the monetization of the site is. Test that site to ensure that the factors are bringing in more profits. Don’t miss out the chance of getting higher offers from the buyer. The split test is the most favourable way of testing for a website to perform and be profitable. When the split test is done, there is a chance of getting one version of the people for the website. Another version will bring the other half. At the final stage, there is an option to check which is the most revenue generated version. One can test the site in regards to Ad placement, headlines, call to action to know from where the site is getting profits. Besides test can be made for the social shares and lead captures.

    Niche selection and WordPress

    After framing a rough figure, head out and find the buyers and capture the demand. It can be a local niche or from some other niche. Think even about the place to start with. The best would be like retail outlets and again depending on the location. There are two types of resources to find the market, smart passive income and dumb passive income, so target these subsets and hit the right niche. The CMS called Content Management System has made it easier for non-techies to begin with. There are thousands of themes, plug-ins, and layouts to select from.


    Selling the website is the best and hardest decisions. There is always a value derived in a maximum way. While selling or buying the website always thing of the starter websites are okay at the same time, profitable websites are much better. There are several factors and tips for assessing the website before selling. Think of the yearly sales and profits, and its growth trends. Always have scalability ratio of the niche. Moreover, think about the money and time invested in. These factors help in assessing how the website is behaving and have chances of earning more income.