How to send free fax online in 2020

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 5th March 2020

Some things never get old and fax is one of these things. Fax originated a long time ago but is still used by masses due to the prime security measures it provides. Although its use has diminished a bit, it is not like fax evaporated into the thin air. For some people, who have a love for this old school, fax still remains the most preferred medium for official communications and discussions.

However, a major reason for its eclipsing is the inconvenient and much difficult way to deliver faxes. That is why the majority of people moved on to relatively easier and suitable ways, like Gmail, for communicating officially. But the pros and plus points offered by faxes could not be found elsewhere.

So, for the part, technologists decided to evolve fax and make some changes in its different departments which were lacking. With this transformation, not only is faxing made easier but people all around the world can now enjoy its ultimate advantages on the go.

Yes people, fasten your seatbelts as we are going to take you on a faxing ride. With the new modifications, you can now easily deliver your faxes online through the internet or known as efaxing services. The bothersome and huge fax machines are needed no more. Also are the paper and toner.

Is Online Faxing Possible?

You would probably be getting curious to know the whole process and especially about how to freely fax through the web. But first, you must know how all of this, faxing through the web, works. Faxing online directly is not possible without the use of a go-between fax service.

Yes, a third-party fax service is necessary for the successful completion of faxing. This is because faxing and the internet cannot work in concert with each other. Because of the different operating schemes, these two mediums are not able to work together unless there is a third party fax service that plays the part of an interpreter and interprets the information between these two mediums.

The internet is a digitally controlled medium while fax functions through phone cables which run with analog signals. That is why fax and internet cannot understand the work of each other and hence are in need of a go-between fax service that does the job for them.

With countless faxing solutions available on the web, the probability of finding the perfect and suitable one is largely lessened as the number increases. But don’t worry, we are here to solve this problem of yours. We have, for you, the best fax service that offers online faxing throughout the world.

CocoFax – The Evolution in Faxing World

CocoFax is the best free fax online service that has changed people’s conception of faxing. When faxing was considered quite a hassle-free task, CocoFax stepped in to make faxing a much easeful task. In fact, CocoFax’s works have received appreciation from some global media outlets like Forbes, the New York Times, Android Authority, Toms Guide, TechRadar and so on.

With some top of the line fax services that it provides, CocoFax has become a popular name among the faxing world and therefore is used by millions of individuals as well as organizations worldwide to transfer their documents through fax.

Where ease of work is concerned, CocoFax provides the best services in this regard. You can fax your documents from any place you like, whether you are in your home, office or even a park. It takes just some minutes to transfer your faxes through CocoFax.

For CocoFax, the convenience of its customers is the number one priority and for this reason, CocoFax allows you to use its incredible faxing highlights on whatever device you may like. Yes, faxing is not just restrained to your laptop or computer, it can also be done through tablets, MacBooks and even smartphones.

Unlike in the past ways, there are no complicated things that you need to possess in order to fax online through CocoFax. Just keep some simple things in mind and then you’re ready to fax anytime.

·         A Well-established Internet Connection – When you need to fax through the internet, you must make sure that the device that you are going to use for faxing, has a stable internet connection throughout the whole faxing time.

·         CocoFax Account – if you want to use CocoFax’s services for the purpose of delivering your faxes through the web then you must first have a CocoFax account. Unlike many other fax services’ registration, creating a CocoFax account is not a problem. You can easily have one by visiting their official site through any browser of your choice.

·         Fax Number – Fax number is the core of faxing. Wanting to fax without a fax number would definitely be a delusion. Hence, CocoFax keeps this in mind and provides its millions-numbered client base with free of cost fax numbers that can be used to deliver faxes worldwide.

Done with the requirements, now we can move on to the main part of how to send free fax, the procedure, and all the guidelines. Although CocoFax offers more than one way to fax through the internet we will keep to only CocoFax’s online dashboard service that is the most convenient and easy to utilize.

Stepwise Guide on Online Free Faxing

Here we have elaborated the whole process with which you can manage to send and receive faxes to and from all around through this wonderful service CocoFax.

Step 1: As mentioned earlier, to benefit from the excellent faxing features of CocoFax, you first need to sign up with it. So this will be the very first thing that you will be doing. you can opt for the 30 day free trial offered by CocoFax. This will allow you to utilize the CocoFax faxing services freely for a whole month.

Step 2: Once you have successfully registered, you will be directed to your online dashboard which will contain all your faxes in the future. Here, you can easily send your fax by clicking on the ‘New Fax’ button.

In the pop-up window, you must fill in all the required fields. In the compulsory ‘To’ field, write out the fax address of your fax’s destination. Then in the ‘Subject’ field, you can write something if you wish to have it appear on the top of your file. In the ‘Cover Page’, you can write the text you want to write on the very first page of your file.

Finally, attach your file, you can fax more than one file too. After completing everything, recheck it once or twice and then send it. CocoFax will send you a confirmation email on your dashboard as well as an email associated with your account.

Receiving Faxes: The process of getting faxes is even simpler than sending them. CocoFax has taken care of its customer’s ease and convenience at every step. You will get all your faxes on your dashboard. You can access them from there directly.


As you can see, CocoFax has made online faxing a walk in the park. Hence, without any second thought, you can start using CocoFax’s online fax services to deliver your faxes all around the world at any time.

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