How Your Business Could Benefit From ID Reading Technology

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 5th May 2021

In recent years, technology has allowed us to undertake many tasks with far more speed and precision than ever before. In fact, many of our everyday manual-intensive jobs are now performed by machines and technology in a mere fraction of the time. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before ID validation joined the ranks as a convenient process rather than a time and labor-intensive one. If your business requires ID authentication and general ID reading, here are just a few of the many benefits of utilizing the technology that can help. 

It’s Fast

If your line of business requires you to capture the information of any person who presents identification, then you’re likely aware of how time-consuming this process can be. You have to manually enter their name, date of birth, and other information, all while moving your attention between the ID and your computer screen. 

With ID scanning software, that’s no longer necessary. Once you scan the form of ID, whether it’s a passport, driver’s license, or something else, the process takes mere seconds. The data from the ID is quickly translated into a document form for easy reading. If you have a long line of customers, having such technology means that you can speed up wait times and improve the customer experience. 

Suitability for a Wide Variety of Industries

Think about any business, firm, or company that requires ID authentication, and you will likely find that ID scanning software ticks all the boxes. Banks, online trading platforms, insurance companies, telecom operators, travel agencies, the list goes on. Whatever your reason for needing to check and authenticate identification, you will likely find that today’s advanced technology and software make it easier in your place of business than ever before. 

Versatility With ID Type

Not every customer you come across is going to have the same type of ID. You may even find that they aren’t available to meet with you in person to authenticate their ID. Fortunately, the most advanced ID scanning technology allows you to process a wide variety of identification documents to provide the information you need. 

These can include scans, photos, and even videos of ID cards, certificates, passports, and more. With such technology, you can even undertake a video call with a client while scanning their form of ID through the computer screen. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that for both the business and customer. 

Language Compatibility

Many people in charge of authenticating ID can struggle with managing the process involving foreign languages. It can be challenging to authenticate documents and individuals when you do not speak the language associated with that person and their ID. 

When you rely on AI systems, all that hard work is taken care of for you. Such technology can detect over 100 languages with precise text recognition. Whether your ID is in Persian, Arabic, Japanese, or something else, it will accurately identify the document type and collect the information you require. 

Safe and Secure

Many people can feel nervous about the privacy invasion with AI being used to authenticate their identification documents. They may even wonder what the information will be used for or whether it will be stored safely. 

With special ID scanning software, such concerns are taken into account. Such software complies with regulatory requirements like Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). It also abides by individuals’ freedoms and rights. 

Before you select a reputable supplier of such software, though, make sure you ask about whether client data is transferred to third parties for manual processing or whether it is saved or stored. The very best software providers make sure their technology performs recognition in the local RAM of the device, without internet and without the need for third parties. 

Fraud Detection

If technology improves document authentication, you can only imagine how advanced it’s getting in document fraud. Fortunately, ID scanning software is designed to pick up fraudulent or forged documents. 

It can do this in original forms of IDs, photocopies, and pictures of phones, tablets, and computer screens. The best scanning software can check for the special visual security elements that appear on every authentic form of ID through the use of algorithms, such as ornaments and monograms. They can also perform video stream forensics to detect a fake or genuine ID form in just seconds. There is no need for a real person to take any special measures to make this check for themselves. 

Multi-System Compatibility

The very best ID scanning systems available are software that works in harmony with your computer systems. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense for your business to have to invest in an entirely new system just to incorporate innovative technology. 

When the time comes to invest in such software, look out for reputable suppliers who offer it for Android, iOS, and other mobile systems. You will also find that their computer compatibility is just as broad, working with Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris, and more. 

Accuracy With Varied Document Quality

Not every form of ID is going to be of the best quality. You may find that some photocopies are grainy or that the lighting is not the best for authenticating documents. With the best ID technology, everything from lighting changes to printing defects, low resolution, and geometric distortions are not a problem. Specific algorithms are able to define the document type, locate the data, then retract it, regardless of imperfections in that document or form of ID. 


Many employees can struggle to learn new technology, especially if they have been used to a specific type of software or a particular management method. Some of the best ID scanning software is made to be user-friendly for all employees. 

It’s not complex to operate, which means there doesn’t need to be any intensive training sessions on managing it. What’s more, because it’s so quick and easy to use, even employees who may take a while to transition to any new technology will be able to serve their customers fast and efficiently. 

In past years, authenticating ID and managing the resultant information was a largely labor-intensive task. Thanks to one new piece of technology, it can become one of the quickest processes in your business.  

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