by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 30th November 2020

Marketing is an essential constituent of a business, and effective marketing strategies play a vital role in making a business flourish. In the contemporary world, running a business is becoming extremely challenging. The companies have to be innovative to stay in the game as the firms are in cut-throat competition. Besides, online business has made venturing into the business world comparatively convenient. Every other day a new company enters the business arena, further toughening up the competition. Consumers are unable to keep up with the influx of so many brands. Suppose a business fails in the marketing department. In that case, many a time public does not get to know that your company exists.

Regardless of what form of a business one ventures into, its motive is to make it successful and earn revenue. In the past few years, many companies opened up with a bang, but they had to close down in a few months because they could not sustain and instead suffered a significant loss. Many failed in managing money, some could not run the operations, but the typical reason behind the failure of businesses was ineffective or no marketing.

Marketing has always been crucial for business. In the older days, when technology had not taken over people’s lives, companies promoted their businesses through word of mouth. The invention of the press and the inception of print media brought a revolution in marketing. Many brands started promoting their companies through print media advertising. Electronic media came and took marketing to another level, and brands used television commercials for promotional purposes. The modern age is the most technologically advanced so far, and digital marketing has brought another revolution in marketing. Brands are increasingly using it to attract customers and persuade them into purchasing your products.

The degree of Master’s in various business fields equips students with useful tools and knowledge to survive in fierce competition and help them establish their name in the market. When students focus on one aspect of the business, they earn advanced knowledge and skills to make their business successful. Students interested in marketing can enroll themselves in an MBA in marketing, and learn the latest techniques and tools and get an in-depth insight into marketing. It helps to land a lucrative job, but it is a crucial degree that allows students to launch their own company.

Below we are listing a few reasons which will reinforce the importance of marketing for the success of a business:


Some businesses find it challenging to engage with their customers, and they cannot figure out ways to do so. Some brands push to shove information down customers’ throat; hence, the strategy backfires and leads to losing customers. Marketing helps furnish your customers with the latest information about your products and intimate them about your new schemes, sales, and latest offers. Blogging is an effective way of engaging with customers. Generally, it comes with a share option. It can increase your reach and expose your brand to a broader audience.


Brands sometimes stay in an illusion that people will learn about their products, and they do not need to put in any extra effort. The truth is people do not easily change their habits unless your product is solving their new issues or is unique. They prefer being a customer of an existing brand. Marketing can do wonders. History shows that many businesses on the verge of bankruptcy bounced back, owing to effective marketing. In the technologically-driven world, marketing can help you spread the word across borders. Accept electronic payment and have an online delivery option. It can help you in earning profit and further expanding business.


Marketing is not a one-time thing, and businesses need to understand that they need to promote their products now and then. Marketing may take your brand to new heights, but that is not your only goal, and to stay in the market, you must sustain your reputation. Supposedly, a brand targets youth. The use of language prevalent in them will help make your business’s reputation as a youth brand. Continuous marketing around youth will help you in sustaining your reputation.


Marketing costs money, and businesses invest in it to reap benefits. Once your company has established its roots, it becomes easier for you to expand and boosts sales. Marketing helps you in barging in attracting new customers and turn potential customers into actual ones. Marketing helps significantly in increasing your horizons and broadening your reach. Concrete marketing strategies serve as sales enablers and give a boost to your sales. Businesses often make confusing marketing mistakes with sales. They must know while both are vital components of a company, they vastly differ from each other.


Decision making is an integral aspect of running a business, and business owners who have the capability of making a sound decision in difficult situations succeed. Business owners often have to make instant decisions, and sometimes a lot relies on their choices. All constituents of business are interrelated and dependent on each other. Marketing helps business owners make timely decisions. It gives insight, what customers want from your brand and can cater to them as per their desires. No business can survive without problems, and it tackles issues now and then. To solve these problems, business owners have to make several decisions. Marketing helps make effective decisions that generate more revenue.


Marketing informs the broader audience that you exist and keeps you in the competition. It exposes you to other brands’ operational methods and their marketing techniques, which leads to making the business flourish.


In the modern world, you cannot rely on word-to-word mouth promotion, and to survive in the business arena, you need to market your products on a large scale. Marketing is a technique that people choose to communicate with other people and inform them about your products and services. It assists in improving employment and helps in increasing economic development. Marketing is indeed an essential aspect of a business, and effective marketing makes a business successful.

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