India’s online Food Delivery App- SWIGGY raises $1B

by megan jones in News on 21st December 2018

SWIGGY – India’s leading online food delivery startup was co-founded by 2 Alumni of BITS Pilani Nandan Reddy and Sriharsha in 2014 along with Rahul Jaimini who was behind the Tech to power the idea. India is a land of Spices and so are the varieties of food present in its land. Soon this idea was kept into a process and launched the company’s first website by signing up with few restaurants in Bengaluru, the heart of IT Hub in India where one can find people from every corner of the country along with good number of Outsiders. All that the founders want is to make people’s life easy just by changing the way or the process India eats. i.e., just with a single tap or click. As soon as the Hyperlocal Food delivery started, the 1st team of hunger saviors came forward to deliver the food. Due to its short span of Delivering the food, Swiggy began to establish itself and extend its services in other parts of the country and the app available in both Google Play and App Store.


For the purpose of expansion and better services, Swiggy has raised $1B in the series H funding round with Naspers as the lead investor which made the total funds raised by Swiggy to $1.5B.

Process to Order

Soon after the user signs up and logs in to the App, all the available options (Restaurants) based on the user’s locations location will be shown.

  • Select the Restaurant >> Menu
    Based on the suggestions considering the location, the variety of Food, Discounted prices, Time to deliver or any other specifications the user has to select the Restaurant. Once the selection of a restaurant is done, Menu provided by that restaurant will be displayed to the user in multiple sections based on the type of food they offer. Then the user has to select food and view the choices in the View Cart option.
  • Order Placing >> Payment
    After verification of the selected items and Bill details in the cart, User has to provide the address of delivery either by manual entry or just by selecting from the location using maps and then proceed to payment window. Swiggy offers multiple payment options for its customers like through card, e-wallets, net banking any many other integrated payment systems along with the COD (Cash-on-Delivery) option. once the payment is done based on the selected method order will be placed.
  • Online Tracking >> Pick Order >> Feedback
    Once the order is placed and after the confirmation of restaurant, a specific delivery person will be allocated to pick the order and deliver it to the customer’s doorstep. Meanwhile, the customer can track the order at different stages such as when the food is being prepared, completion of preparing, picking up of order by the delivery person, Tracking the route and time for the delivery guy to deliver the food item. Customer can even re-route the order just by contacting the delivery person with the details provided in the tracking window. After receiving the order by the customer, they can provide feedback for both the restaurant as well as the delivery person. And the user can also raise the concern if they face any issue.

Values At Swiggy

It’s not easy to get the support and Love from customers until and unless the firm really follows certain values and ethics. In that case, Swiggy has created its own ground values like
1. Consumer comes first
2. Strive for its own excellence
3. Being honest and display high levels of Integrity
4. To be Humble
5. Exhibiting Bias for action and many other.

Advantages of Swiggy

  • No minimum order
    Swiggy offers no restrictions to users on their choice of order value. A person can order as minimum as for oneself or as maximum as for a group
  • Live Order Tracking
    The user can always know and be aware of their order at all the time right from restaurant to the doorstep.
  • Fast Delivery
    The user can experience swiggy’s super fast delivery which increases the customer’s satisfaction and interest in using Swiggy.


Today, With day by day expansion of its services in the country including remote places, Tie-ups with all ranges of restaurants without any difference such as multi-star or single kitchen room provider and most importantly the delivery time and feasibility to order at any time and any day made Swiggy to climb the wall of success and one of the leading Food delivery platforms of India.

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