India’s Social Platform Roposo raises $10M in Series C

by megan jones in News, Tips on 14th December 2018

Roposo – Relevant E – solutions private limited is a Social Platform where people visually express with photos and homemade videos. Roposo, currently one of India’s best app is co-founded by Avinash Saxena, Mayank Bhangadia and Kaushal Shubhank alumni of IIT Delhi in 2012 headquartered at Asia-Pacific region. The App offers TV – Like experience with contents generated by users in its channels. It enables users to use the editing tools available in the platform and also upload the content.

Especially in a country like India which is culturally more significant and has wide linguistic variations, an App like Roposo is much more needed as its available in 10 Indian languages. It’s feasible for both ios and Android devices.

Series C Funding

Roposo has raised $10M through Series C Funding round making a total of $32.7M so far. New York-based returning investor Tiger global management which has also previously invested in series A and returned for Series B, and Bertelsmann India investments are the lead investors. This newly raised funds will be utilized for Product development, Hiring, and User Acquisition. Apart from these, it’s also in the verge of expanding its services in other Indian languages

Why sell on Roposo ??

   Apart from watching and browsing experience, Roposo also offers a platform for a user to sell their products. And moreover, it is not constrained to any fixed domain. Any domain like WhatsApp seller, Facebook Seller, If a brand, Wholesaler, Reseller, Home Seller, Boutique owner for anyone Roposo is the perfect platform with just a click away.

Easy Registration – User can easily get registered just within 2 minutes when compared to other apps.
Wide Coverage – It offers a wide coverage of customers or sellers as of now if we see the numbers a product can reach out to around 12,000 sellers and more than 7M buyers all over India. which is a huge platform.
Easy Payment Gateway – one can easily receive the customer payments to the bank account directly.
Zero % commission – here is the more interesting and attractive part. Roposo won’t take any Commission (0%)
Brand Creation – Nowadays it’s not easy to set a mark or create a Brand, especially for a newcomer but based on the product sales and no. of visits one can get featured easily on the Bazar.

How to sell


Roposo offers one of the most convenient ways for its users to sell a product. A seller can add chat to buy or shop now buttons where users can directly message the seller and inquire about the details or directly go to the website and choose the item.

Using chat to buy

  1. Go to More options tab and just apply Chat to buy button to your post
  2. Next step for the seller is to post the story which automatically will be published to the Bazar Channel of Roposo
  3. Finally Personal chat with Buyer to sell the product

Using shop now button

  1. Go to More options tab and just apply Shop now button.
  2. Next step for the seller is to post the story which automatically will be published to the Bazar Channel of Roposo
  3. Upon clicking the shop now button buyer will be redirected to the website which in turn increases the Traffic to sellers Channel or Blog


India has its own significance in the current Business market. It is a country which has a huge established market base where a product or startup can gain a large database of customers in one place. But due to its diversity, it’s not easy to gain such a position. Since Roposo has come up with an integration of multiple languages, it has sustained and now running towards success by establishing itself in the Indian digital space as a Niche player. And also we can see much more growth after the inclusion of a few other languages which Roposo is planning as part of Product development


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