Inspiring cases of successful Print on Demand (POD) business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 15th May 2021

Many hesitate to start a print-on-demand business. The reasons are different: some do not believe that such an approach can be profitable, others are afraid that they will not be able to cope with the increased demand, and others do not want to shift responsibility for the result to partners. However, if you consider the strategy of the most successful players in this area, you can see that printing on demand is no more risky and no less profitable business than any other. 

Especially what kind of materials do they use, what colorful, unique things do they do, or do they even use some kind of amazing combination of website, design and free shipping? By observing new products and rebuilding them in your own way, creating a unique brand story, you can launch a great POD business and pique the interest of your audience. All of this will lead to unforgettable customer experience and high retention levels.

Why should I explore POD market?

Experts predict that the print-on-demand market will surpass US $10 billion by 2025. This means that the industry is not going to cut its positions in any way. Its basic concept remains relevant among current and potential customers. The variety of products, the availability of print-on-demand e-commerce platform like PoDZa, the ability to easily implement trends on store pages, and simplified management allows you to expand your entrepreneurial opportunities.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting examples of a good POD experience both for startups and big companies. If you nevertheless decide to open your own online store or are already running it, but if for some reason it doesn’t bring the desired results, these stories will help to motivate and inspire you.


Printify makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to sell products on their own platform.

This startup company based in 2015 and creates wonderful B2B connection which makes sales and partnership more comfortable and profitable.

Now some of the well-known vendors who Printify works with are popular artists, designers, and other business bosses.

With Printify, online businesses have a sure-fire way to sell their workman products but have Printify and third party manufacturers do all the work, i.e., printing, shipping, and more! There is no need to struggle with building of the brand from scratch and dealing with rapidly growing fulfillment requests alone – Printify do all of it for you. 


This story of this brand can inspire even the most inveterate skeptics. This is one of the few print-on-demand store examples built using a Shopify template and free apps. 

The family of one child, who was sick and could only breathe through an air vent in the trachea, was looking for a way to healthy and happy life. Parents began to use their T-shirts as a slogan of support and love for their kid in a related campaign. Through social media channels, they established communication with their audience and after a matter of time launched their POD business. 

Now offers overalls and T-shirts for different kid’s age categories. But each design has its own distinct style, which makes sense for fans and customers in the whole. 

Black Fathers Exist

According to some negative stereotypes most black men neglect their children’s education and don’t participate in their lives. Black Fathers Exist is launched to overcome this issue. The company created a product which brought them to the top of customer acknowledgments. The brand’s leading design echoes the theme of paternity. Every item (color, texts, combinations) works against this wrong thought.

Ahavti LifeStyle

Designer Liora already had her e-shop on Etsy when, after giving birth to her fourth child, felt that she wants to do something creative, something that doesn’t take too much time and helps to earn money. That’s how she came up with an idea to start an e-commerce business that offers personalized gifts and home décor items. Just a year later Ahavti LifeStyle became a booming POD business with more than a thousand available designs. 


Well, how? Still in doubt if starting a business is worth it? The decision is yours, however, it is worth to remind that the global growth of the POD industry over the past year and the emergence of more and more new directions and ideas every day give a huge chance to start monetizing your creativity right now, and missing it doesn’t make sense. If it’s all about motivation, you already know where to get it: these examples of PoD shops make it in the best way. 

Each of us has our own story or dream, which can be translated into a drawing or slogan that will look great on clothes or interior items. This is how you can turn ideas into reality and make them a common property for many years with the help of Print on Demand business approach.

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