Is it worth buying expensive laptops? Buying expensive laptops on a budget

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 28th August 2020

A laptop has become an essential electronic gadget in our day to day life. Kids or adults, all require a desktop or a laptop for their own needs. Gamers need a gaming laptop to satisfy and improve their gaming performance. So considering all the above aspects, it is worth buying an expensive laptop as they last for a longer time, and they are more durable with much-enhanced performance and processors. Moreover, they provide an excellent and immersive experience for their usage. Comparing them with the budget segment laptop, their performance and user experience are not as good as expensive ones. Nowadays, many expensive laptops are available  at discounted prices. Using various offers and coupons, one can enjoy enticing discounts and bag excellent deals.

Dell is a known and reputed laptop brand that offers laptops with excellent performance and new technology. It is a premium laptop brand but with some offers/coupons or during the sale period, you can get a good discount on the latest models. Some of the ways of buying expensive laptops on the budget are mentioned as follows:

Use discount coupons or promo codes:

There are various coupons available which when used to buy laptops from recognized stores or websites, provide a significant discount. By using these promo codes, you can buy expensive laptops on a budget. Various online promo codes are available to get a discount of up to 30% on laptop brands such as Dell, HP, Samsung, etc. One can save upto 46% on Dell laptops on ordering through Amazon.

Festive season offers:

During the season of festivals, various online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. offer excellent and expensive laptops at a discounted price, which will satisfy your budget and offer you a phenomenal deal. The Dell Inspiron 13, which is available for around $1400 was offered at $1250 during the Christmas offer on Amazon, and the HP Pavilion ×360, which is being provided for around $1100 was offered at $859 during the Christmas offer. So one can wait for the festive seasons to get a good deal and save enormously on their laptop.

Buying an older model of the Laptop:

This is a very general property of every brand. As the new model gets launched in the market, in order to promote the new model, prices for the older ones are reduced. One can wait for the brand to launch the next model so that the previous model’s price decreases and comes under the budget. If one doesn’t want to wait, one can consider buying the older model at that instant instead of the newer ones. For example, the price of HP Pavilion gaming 9th generation was reduced significantly as one of the 10th generation was introduced in the market.

Comparing and buying:

It is possible that a laptop which is priced at $600 at one store is available at a rate of $700 on another store, both online or offline. So before buying a laptop, you should compare the price on different platforms or stores to get the best possible deal. There are various price comparison websites which allow users to compare prices of products available on different e-commerce platforms where you can clearly check which platform is offering the lowest price for the same product. The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series was available at the stores for $1200, and at the same time, the same Laptop was available for $889.99 on Amazon electronic sale. So before buying, you must compare things.

Laptop is something that you are not going to buy every day. So you must go for an expensive one as buying the same will fetch you good performance and long-lasting experience. Moreover, you can consider the above mentioned points while buying a laptop.

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