Is Microsoft Office 2010 Still Useful for Your Business?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 17th May 2019

MS Office 2010 is a powerful productivity tool with the necessary security safeguards. It has various features that your business will love. From business projects, to keeping track of your organization’s budgets Office 2010 Home and Student is an ideal tool for business.

Operating your business while keeping in touch with your clients has never been this easy, thanks to MS Office 2010. It’s the perfect tool to help you work faster and more effective. In this guide, we answer the question Is Microsoft Office 2010 still useful for your Business? And the answer is YES.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft office home and student 2010 allows you to protect yourself against security threats. Unlike earlier versions, with the 2010 version, you get enhanced protection. In the past, MS Office has been susceptible to security threats. From embedded vulnerabilities to macro viruses. Businesses relied on patches, updates, and third-party security products to keep their systems safe.

MS Office 2010 includes different security technologies. These help to enhance security and protect systems from threats. As a business, you can take advantage of the Protected View feature. It works by opening files from unknown sources in a digital sandbox. The sandbox prevents users from editing, executing macros, editing documents, or other embedded features. In this way, a user can view the document without any risk, and then decide whether to trust it.

The protected view is only one layer of protection offered by Office 2010. MS Office 2010 also features security enhancements like DEP (Data Execution Prevention). DEP block all attacks by preventing the execution of untrusted macros or embedded programs.

Excel Sparklines

As a business, you can leverage your analysis capabilities using Excel 2010. The app provides you with two tools that should help you get the most out of your spreadsheet data. The first one is Sparkline-which can be described as a simple, intense word-sized graphics. Sparkline provides the users with swift visual cues to the meaning of the numbers. As a business, you can create Sparklines to show trends over some time. Other uses of Sparkline include embedded charts. Embedded charts graphically represent monthly ranges in a single cell. If you’re looking to give visual flair to your work, then Sparkline in Excel is ideal for you.

The second jewel for business in Office 2010 is PowerPivot for Excel. Although Sparkline is a ordinary feature in MS Office 2010, you can freely download PowerPivot as an add-in. It’s known to bring more computational power to excel sheet. Besides, it provides faster manipulation to a large data set. As a business, you can use PowerPivot as a programming tool. If you’re looking to perform complex calculations or create powerful graphs, then it is ideal for you. Besides, the tool can be used to pull data from different sources such as SQL databases, MS access, and other data stores. In summary, PowerPivot can help you as a business to eliminate custom applications and programs.

PowerPoint Broadcast

If your employees rely on PowerPoint capability, then they will enjoy the Broadcast feature. It’s one of the most critical feature added on the app since its inception. Also, it allows users to share presentations ubiquitously. Broadcast work by using Windows Live or locally configured Broadcast Server. It helps in displaying slideshows on a remote workers’ PC.

Additionally, it supports many to many slide presentations. Moreover, it can replace some of the virtual meeting products. Furthermore, it can be used in conjunction with VoIP and Video conference calls. It’s great for organizations looking for a solution to present the slideshow to multiple users without setting up bridges.

Coordinate your teams and work

As a business, you can streamline and coordinate your work using MS Office 2010. Your organization can take advantage of the co-authoring feature available in this tool. The feature allows you, team members, to work remotely on the same project or document as they were together in one room. What’s more, the document is automatically synced, thereby, maintaining one true copy. This can save your organization money on renting out premises since employees can coordinate themselves and work from home.

Outlook View

Today, most organizations are inundated with numerous emails from different clients and projects. As a result, email has become more of a burden than a productivity tool. However, with MS Outlook 2010, you can alleviate much strain from your staffs since it offers new ways to organize your emails. One of the most powerful tools that you can take advantage of is the enhanced Conversation view.

Conversation view is a feature that most email users appreciate. It helps streamline inboxes by grouping related emails based on subject lines from different fields. Besides, it also creates a date-ordered view of an entire email stream. The ability to work across different folders and collapse conversation and email threads are what makes Conversation View unique.


OneNote is one of the powerful apps that make MS 2010 unique. The app allows employees to take notes while on the go. Besides, it features an easy to use the search functionality. With OneNote, you can embed videos, record sessions; all in one place. There’s no need to worry if you haven’t carried your notebook with you to a meeting. Additionally, it has an easy to share feature which allows you to share notes with team members.


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