Keep that Flagship Phone Safe with the Best iPhone X Cases from Velvet Caviar  

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 3rd December 2018

Keep that Flagship Phone Safe with the Best iPhone X Cases from Velvet Caviar

If you’re on the hunt for the most beautifully designed iPhone X cases on the planet that will not cut corners or sacrifice the protection of your device along the way, you need look no further than the options from Velvet Caviar.

Responsible for some of the most innovative iPhone X case designs ever produced, each and every one of their case options are specifically engineered to fit the new iPhone X/XS devices. This gives them unparalleled fit and finish, as though they were made from the folks at Apple directly.

On top of that, that super tight fit guarantees that they don’t add a lot of extra bulk or weight to your beautiful and iPhone X/XS. You still get world-class protection (all of these cases include full wraparound bumpers and shock absorbing materials) without the weight and heft that a lot of other cases bring to the table.

Marble Wrap Cases

The Marble and Moonstone collection of cases from the folks at Velvet Caviar are some of the most unique, beautiful, and visually arresting cases ever produced.

Each of these designs injects a whole lot of color and personality to your iPhone right out of the gate, but also feature “reactive” designs that are going to shift, light up, and twinkle depending upon how the lighting in any given space is hitting them.

These bring your iPhone case alive in a way that other “flat” designs cannot – really helping set your phone apart from the rest of the pack.

Graphic Design Cases

The Graphic Design cases from Velvet Caviar use unique sublimity needed graphic elements to add a bit of sophisticated and more subtle style to your phone, but also punch up the personality significantly.

They too feature those “reactive” elements that are going to illuminate when exposed to different lighting situations, generating a lot of extra visual interest just as possible with your standard iPhone case options on the market today.

Glitter Shake Cases

The Glitter Shake cases from Velvet Caviar are a fun way to show off your personality. Engineered out of translucent but high-impact and shock absorbing plastic materials, and then filled with glitter and other design elements, every single time you move your phone your case is going to come alive.

There are a couple of different designs in the Glitter Shake category to pick and choose from, and each of them are fun, youthful, and energetic!

Camo Pattern Cases

Camo is red-hot these days, and the unique camo designs from Velvet Caviar are definitely going to help your phone stand out rather than blend in!

The Fire Red camouflage pattern is something you’re going to notice from a mile away, and the Yellow camouflage pattern is going to generate quite a bit of attention no matter where you pull your phone out.

Hologram Cases

The Hologram Cases from Velvet Caviar take their reactive design elements to entirely new levels, injecting holographic design elements right into the case itself – bouncing light all over the place and creating a number of different holographic images along the way.

You’ll have a bunch of different options to pick and choose from here, all of which are certainly going to capture the attention of anyone in your immediate vicinity when you pull out your new iPhone X/XS.

Collaborate with Velvet Caviar

Of course, if you’d love nothing more than to see your own custom design on a Velvet Caviar iPhone case (and maybe make a little bit of extra money partnering with this company), you’ll want to reach out to them at to see what you might be able to put together working with one another!


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