LaborX – Freelance jobs platform enables to get paid in cryptocurrency

by Josh Biggs in Blockchain, Tips on 8th September 2020

Remote work, side hustles, and freelancing are not any unfamiliar terms these days. Although working from home is in practice from the past many years, it gained huge momentum in recent days. 

Most people over the world have already experienced working from home benefits and are appreciating the idea. In fact, the concept of working remotely, especially the concept of freelancing, impressed both employees and employers as it provides more flexibility and eliminates misspends (both time and money). Of course, the benefits such as a flexible work schedule, being their own boss, and work-life balance a freelancer has are not any secrets.

On the other hand, finding the ideal freelancing jobs is not that easy. Though there are multiple freelancing platforms available, only a few can escape scams, find ideal employers or clients who offer a reasonable and timely payment. This is where a trusted global freelance jobs platform, LaborX that allows paying in cryptocurrencies comes into the picture. 

What is LaborX?

LaborX is a global freelancing platform that connects freelancers with employers and helps finish their projects smoothly. It is an Australian-based company controlled by, a blockchain and crypto solution provider for the HR industry.

LaborX is purely a global blockchain recruitment platform that enables cryptocurrency payments for freelancers in exchange for their work. The upside with the platform is that it is strict in terms of projects and payment process. This is why professionals over the world trust LaborX to find freelancers to get their work done.

On top of these LaborX is a secure and safe recruitment platform as you can only find trusted freelancers and employers. Moreover, as said LaborX enables you to get paid in crypto, you can receive your payment instantly no matter where you are.

So, wondering why getting paid in cryptocurrency? There you go…

What’s in it for you for getting paid in Cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency is a virtual yet the most reliable, fast, and secure currency that has been in trend since the past few years. The fact it can stand against inflation and protect itself from not getting affected by any changes to financial institutions made people incline towards it. In fact, cryptocurrency is a way to invest safely and wisely as you get higher returns. It’s an open secret that cryptocurrency is the future of banking due to the security and smart benefits it offers.

The best part with LaborX and getting paid in cryptocurrencies is that you are opted out from paying higher commissions and transaction fees. Yes, LaborX charges lower commissions and offers higher price jobs to help you build more assets.

Why LaborX for finding crypto jobs?

The major challenges individuals face when offering their services are working with untrustworthy clients, disputes, and delays in payments. What if you find a platform that supports you in every project you accept from start to finish? Awesome, right? Well, LaborX does exactly what you want when working hard to make money. It only lets you find the most trusted employers, locks your fund as soon as you agreed upon a project, pays you instantly once your work is done and accepted, and helps you dispute and win if there is an issue with the work or payment. You will be paid in ETH, AUDTM, TIME, USDT, and USDT.

It is a win-win for both employers and freelancers with LaborX as it also helps employers in the same way. Meaning, transparent and honest ratings, and reviews are given on your profile based on your work. So that it becomes easy for employers to choose the right person to get the work done. Also, it is a must-visit platform for individuals seeking remote, part-time, or freelance work as it is a giant space with on-demand employment opportunities.

LaborX – The best platform for crypto jobs

Getting your first client on the LaborX platform is simple. All you need to do is sign up with your email address, fill out your profile, and apply for jobs that suit your skills. Once your profile is selected for the job, both the parties can enter into an agreement and work together. As said, this incredible global recruiting platform gets your back in every single stage of the project. 

You can find a wide range of decent-paying jobs from all domains right from engineering & architecture, data science, writing to accounting & consulting. Additionally, it’s 4 incredible features help you finish your tasks successfully and get paid. Without further ado, let’s look into them.

Reputation Module

LaborX helps you select only the best employers and freelancers with its Reputation Module. Its Reputation Module, weights, and rates the candidate based on their education, experience, completed tasks, reviews, and other feedback. As one can see one’s profile more transparently, there are high chances that you can only select the right candidate.

Contract Module

The digital contract lets you start the project in a right and systematic way. It helps you set deadlines, payment, and other conditions for working together. This way you do not need to get overwhelmed with too many assignments.

Digital Escrow

The other highlight in LaborX is it’s Digital Escrow module that locks the funds when the contract is signed. So you need not worry about your payment, this amazing hiring platform issues the fund on completion and acceptance of work.

Dispute Resolution

As discussed, a major challenge for individuals when working on projects from freelancing platforms is the Dispute service. The disputes mostly arise when the customer is unsatisfied or disagree with the quality of work. Hence, the freelancer is at risk of not being paid. But that’s not the case with LaborX, it either provides a mediator or you can suggest one to solve the issue.

Referring Program

LaborX charges 5% fees on total contract fees for freelancers and 1% fees for customers.

However, they provide the advantage of earning a commission on referring your friends. You can join their referral program by sharing a job with the right candidates on social media. This way you can earn a 50% commission from what your friend pays after completion of the contract.

Premium Program

Become their Premium member and enjoy benefits such as zero fees, cashback, referral bonuses, discounted dispute fees, highlighted badge, and priority placement.

It’s simple to become a LaborX premium member, you just need to deposit at least 500 TIME tokens to your wallet. You can buy TIME tokens on Kucoin or TimeX and deposit in your wallet. As long as you maintain a 500 TIME tokens in your wallet, you can enjoy the premium benefits.

Bottom Line

No matter you want to work part-time or become a freelancer, LaborX connects you with global clients for work opportunities. Besides it lets you work smoothly providing the best support, it also enables you to get paid in cryptocurrency which is most secure and safe. It’s no wonder that you could find no other recruitment platform that helps you get paid instantly wherever you are in the world.

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