Mistakes to Avoid in Maintaining Your Website

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 31st March 2021

Creating a website for your business can boost your sales. Even studies show that if a company has an excellent, engaging website with enough info, people easily trust the site. So no other things can beat the importance of having a website. But when it is about site maintenance, many website owners make some mistakes. A site owner should always check his site with a broken link checker, site auditor tools to find the issues on the site. Though many forget to check these basics, and the site gets down. In this article, you will find the top mistakes a website owner makes when maintaining a website. So whenever you are going for maintenance, keep these things in mind to avoid mistakes in maintaining your website.

Mistake 1 – Broken Links

A website generates a broken link when the content of that link is moved to another page or removed from the website by the site owner. Broken links are dangerous for a website. Because when a visitor searches something on the search engine, it shows various websites on the search engine result page (SERP). If you had content that also ranked for the same keyword, Google will also show the link on SERP. But when the visitor will check your website’s link, he will find nothing. Because you already removed the content from that link. As a result, visitors will leave your site, which will increase the bounce rate for this specific page. When Google Bot will notice that thing, it will understand it is a broken link. Therefore, Google bot will penalize your website; it will be ranked down.

Mistake 2 – Site Audit

Another common mistake is forgetting about site auditing. Most of the site owners make this mistake. Site auditing means general inspection of a website, including site health, security, google penalty, and many more. A website is like a car, and you should take care of it regularly by maintenance. Site audit is something like OBD of a car. It helps to understand the issues of a website so that you can resolve them and make the site perfect for the users. There are lots of free tools for site auditing, such as screaming frog, MySiteAuditor, etc. Though every free tool has some limitations, but these tools are enough for you if you are a beginner. Just put your website’s link in the audit box and press enter; the tool will do the rest.

Mistake 3 – Backup

Maximum site owners rely on the regular backup policy of the hosting provider, which is another common mistake. Though hosting providers offer the regular backup plan as a feature, but you should never depend on them. Because your site is your asset, and only you can take proper care of it. Besides, you can lose everything accidentally, and that takes time to get backup files from the hosting service provider. In addition, you won’t get the latest backup because maximum hosting providers take backup fortnightly or monthly. So there is a little bit of chance of getting the recent files. That is why you should regularly take backup of your site and keep them in at least two different secured places. You will find additional plugins which will do this job perfectly for you. You just need to configure them properly.

Mistake 4 – Tools Update

There are some common tools like wp rocket, contact 7 forms, elementor are used by a site owner. You should always keep them up to date. Because every latest update brings changes to some core properties. Developers of a plugin or extension always try to make the best tool and keep them bug-free. Besides, they make the tool more powerful so that no one can use them to break the security of your website. That is why you should update your tool if there is the latest version available. But before updating your tools, check that they are compatible with your cms or not. Because the incompatible tool can make your site vulnerable sometimes.

Mistake 5 – Regular Maintenance

Here comes the biggest mistake. Most of the owners think it doesn’t require regular maintenance for a website which is totally a wrong idea. As a regular backup, a site needs regular maintenance for better performance. Otherwise, the site will become slow and show different issues. As a result, you will get fewer visitors to your website, which indicates fewer sales. Besides, there are some security issues which should be looked up regularly. Therefore, regular maintenance is one of the most important tasks if you are running a website. It’s not that hard. You can create a checklist and maintain the checklist for regular maintenance. It is better to run maintenance of your website at least one time a month.

Things You Can Do To Avoid Mistakes In Maintaining Your Website

So, these are the common mistakes a site owner makes while maintaining a website. But there are some tricks and tips to avoid these mistakes.

1. Hire a Professional – It is better to hire a professional web developer for your website. Because there are some core things you can’t understand if you don’t have enough ideas about web development. For this reason, it is better to hire a professional for professional work.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Tool – Use tools you just need to run the site. Using unnecessary tools can make your website slow and vulnerable.

3. Run Speedtest – Run a speed test after every maintenance to check your site is working perfectly or not. Because a speedtest result shows the issues, a website has.

4. Safe Mood – While maintenance, keep the site in the safe mood. So that if an accident happens, you can get back the primary data without any issue.

5. Recovery Plan – Make a recovery plan for your website so that you can up the site online without spending time if there is any crash or damage.

As shown above, maintenance is essential for everything as well as for a website. So it is better to keep these things in mind when you are going to maintain your website.

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