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Mobile Email Signature Best Practices

by Josh Biggs in Software on 27th August 2019

Coming up with a perfect email signature isn’t always easy. It’s also not enough, as once you create just the right one for yourself or your business, you’ll still need to adapt it to mobile devices.

Statistics show that mobile opens are enormous: 46 percent of all email opens. However, is it really surprising? We all use our mobile devices during the day, and so many emails get opened only there (unless you want to re-read them later on your laptop).

What does it mean? That your awesome, well-crafted email signature might lose its charm completely when viewed from mobile unless you optimize it for it.

Professional signature generators like Newoldstamp allow you to easily create professional email signature even without prior knowledge of design and coding. However, remember a few things if you intend to make such signature mobile-friendly.

1. Pick the right template.

Newoldstamp, along with other professional email signature generators, offers a variety of templates. Each one of them could work well for both browsers and mobile. However, each situation is different, and you should base your template choice on the information you intend to fit in an email signature.

For instance, some businesses need to include their logo in an email signature. In this case, you can pick a wide template design that would allow the logo to fit in nicely without being squished, just like the one in the example below.

If your goal is to make an email template personalized and a photo is more important than a logo, a vertical template design could be an excellent option for you. It allows including more information, and still looks well on mobile devices.

email signature

2. Pick smaller images.

You cannot make the images in email signatures responsive when it comes to mobile devices. They will be displayed in their original size, so it’s better to pick the ones that are small right from the start. The same goes for social media icons: you can choose tiny ones.

email signature

Alternatively, you can use bigger ones, but only a few of them.

email signature

3. Pay attention to the icons.

It seems natural to find lots of secondary images (like phone icons, website icons, etc.) on email signatures. Do they look bad on mobile devices? No, not really. It’s easy to see them, and they don’t overload a signature, so this tip isn’t crucial at all.

However, if you replace them with letters, it could add a nice touch to your email signature, making it even more minimalistic.

                                                    email signature

4. Make the most with the available space.

Now, email signatures have to be concise and contain only the information that is necessary. This is a general rule, and it’s especially important when it comes to creating mobile-friendly email signatures. Also, we don’t advise you to overload the recipients with tons of information.

What we do advise is to make the most out of the available space. This could look like that:

email signature

As you can see, this signature doesn’t look messy or overwhelming. It contains only the information your recipients might need. What is worth noting is that it also is relatively small, especially compared to this signature:

email signature

None of them is terrible as each is designed for their purpose. The first, however, would definitely look better on a mobile device: it is optimized to occupy less space and yet provide as much information as it can. That’s what you should aim for.

5. Add banners.

Banners are often a great addition to an email signature. They could drive more traffic to your website, inform the customers about the latest offers, and do much more.

Banners could be especially beneficial when it comes to an email signature. Take a look at the example below:

email signatureThe signature itself looks quite simple. The banner, however, complements it, stands out, attracts the recipients’ attention, and serves as a call-to-action. This could make an email signature look more stylish and also encourage subscribers to take a specific action.

You don’t need to learn any coding or design in order to create stunning mobile-friendly email signatures. Just remember these tips, pick the right email signature generator, and start creating!

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