Mobile Technology Platform ‘GRAB’ raises $200M

by megan jones in News on 4th February 2019

Grab – Mobile Technology platform which integrates city-transportation for customers and driver partners in South East Asia was co-founded by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling in June 2012. With its headquarters located in Singapore, Today Grab extends its operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. Grab offers various services like GrabCar, GrabTaxi, GrabHitch, GrabCoach, GrabHitch, GrabShuttle, GrabFamily, GrabShuttle Plus, JustGrab, GrabRental, and GrabNow. The main goal behind the startup of Grab was to make the lives of people easy and to make South East Asia one of the better places to live in for the people having access to all modes of transportation. Grab is feasible for both Android and iOS devices.

Funding through Corporate Round

Recently, Grab has raised $200M in the corporate round of funding with Central Group of Company the pioneer in retail, food, property development, hospitality and many more based in Thailand as the lead investor. These funds are not part of the ongoing series H round, but its a separate investment to mainly focused on strengthening the services of Grab in Thailand.

How it works??

  1. Book in just 2 taps
    After the prerequisites such as registering and login to the app, In order to proceed further, User has to submit the pickup and drop locations and the estimated fare will be shown based on the distance and time.
  2. Get a driver
    After verifying the route options and location, Garb will search and find the nearest driver available to the customer.
  3. Track the driver
    After the mapping of driver and customer, the customer can see the arrival time, location of the driver in real-time.
  4. Arrive Safely
    Using Grab, the user can share the details of the trip with the friends which adds more safe travel and let them be aware of the trip details.

Grab Rides

  • JustGrab – Using this feature user can get the nearest taxi or car at a fixed and affordable fare.
  • GrabCar – This feature enables the customer to book a private car or ride. the booking can be done either for a single ride or also can rent on an hourly basis.
  • GrabBike – During the emergency times, Bike is more reliable to beat the traffic and reach on time. Grab provides its users to book a bike and helps in reaching the target.
  • GrabShare – Grab allows its user to share their ride with another rider traveling in the same direction. This helps them in saving the money.
  • GrabTrike – It is a 3- wheeler Transport facility option that provides flexibility and convenience with affordable and fixed charges.
  • GrabHitch – This is one of the best inventive of Grab where the owner can offer rides to the passengers by scheduling the ride details in advance. It is more or less like a social carpooling facility.
  • GrabFamily – Grab also offers a child-booster seat which ensures the safety of the child. customers who are traveling with the little ones can avail this facility.
  • GrabAssist – Same as like GrabFamily, GrabAssist is an extra assistance facility provided by the Grab for senior passengers and also to the people with disabilities.
  • GrabCoach – Unlike other rides which are related to small vehicles, GrabCoach enables its customers to book a bus or minivan in case a group of people are traveling.

Apart from these rides, Grab also provides delivery services such as

  • Food Delivery
    GrabFood- User can order food from any choice of their restaurant and get it delivered to their doorstep.
  • Parcel Delivery
    GrabExpress – Grab also offers courier service along with the insurance for the items which is more affordable and fast.
  • Grocery Delivery
    GrabFresh – ALong with the food and couriers, Grab also delivers handpicked groceries from the store to the customer’s house within a prescribed time or also at the scheduled time.


There is no doubt after seeing all this why Grab has raised above all the platforms and stood at the top place. Day to Day improvement and inclusion of more and more features which are easily accessible to the people with just a single tap altogether in one application made Grab lead the success train and spread over the ASEAN countries.


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