On-the-Way Delivery Service startup ‘Roadie’ raises $37M in series C

by megan jones in News on 26th February 2019

Roadie – The 1st ‘on-the-way’ delivery network. The App based community uses the remaining capacity in the passenger vehicles to get the work done by connecting people with the items to be sent by drivers who are already heading in the same direction was founded by Marc Gorlin in 2015 with its headquarters located at Greater Atlanta area. The collaborative model of Roadie enables fast, low-cost, efficient, and flexible delivery to senders. For drivers, Roadie offers rewards, Free roadside assistance, Roadside discounts, Tax write-offs. By working with Top airlines, grocers, retailers, Roadie has brought a more efficient and scalable solution for last-mile and same day deliveries.

Funding – Series ‘C’

In the series C funding round led by The Home Depot as the lead investor and participation from other investors like Warren Stephens and Eric Smith, Road has raised $37M. with this new funding, Roadie has raised a total of $62M. The fresh capital will be utilized to continue the innovation to develop the pricing and routing models and to expand Roadie’s usage of Machine Learning to predict the capacity and match to drivers based on Real-time demand and supply. Along with its the company is also in the edge of expanding its Engineering, Data Science, Sales, and Operations teams.

Roadie for Enterprise

Roadie follows collaborative delivery which allows enterprises to innovate continuously and grow through expanding its delivery services exponentially. The solid reasons are

  1. Omnichannel Integration
    Roadie offers rush i.e., scheduled and same day deliveries across the nation, as well as Large items, are priced based on the mileage rather than its weight. The company makes it easy to scale the business shipping quickly by adding customers and employees to one platform.
  2. National, Regional, and Local Footprint
    Roadie enables its customers to protect their margins along with improving profitability for last-mile and regional delivery with high-grade unit economics.
  3. Flexible Size and Distance Capabilities
     Diver’s delivery radius and fleet can dynamically flex based on the requirements of the customer on spot.
  4. Cheap and Affordable
    Pickup and Delivery service of Roadie is cheaper when compared to other courier services available in the market. Additional to this there are no fuel charges, no surprise Zip code fees, or surcharges for weekends, night times or on holidays.
  5. API Integration
    Users can easily integrate their existing Checkout and Order fulfillment systems or can launch quickly a Proof of Concept without any needed integration.

How does Roadie work

Roadie works hard to make it simple and accessible for enterprise partners to collaboratively work with the company. The process includes

  • Customer Pull
  • API Integration
  • Customer Integration

For Business senders, Roadie enables to

  • Flex fleet up and down
  • Insure each and every delivery
  • Tracking packages in the real-time
  • Delivers next level of customer service

For Individual senders, Roadie helps in

  • Saving time
  • Make life easier by door-to-door delivery
  • Fast delivery
  • Safe and secured items


Since the launch, Roadie has delivered everything right from Cupcakes to Couches to more than 12000 cities – The Larger same day footprint when compared to Amazon Prime. With its quality of service and innovative processes, Roughly in the last 5 years since its launch, Roadie has tie-ups with some major brands like Walmart, Delta, Macy’s, Kroger and now The Home Depot.


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