PDF Bear: Things That You Can Accomplish Using This Excellent Tool

by Josh Biggs in Reviews on 11th August 2020

While there are many online tools that people can use to manage their PDFs, PDF Bear is the safest and most reliable tool that anyone can use for free.  With its help, you can convert, compress, split, or even repair your PDF files without any hassle. The tool is perfect for students, business people, and professionals that always handle PDF files. With that, here are the things that you can accomplish using PDF Bear.


With a relaxed and straightforward process, users can convert their PPT files into PDFs. With the help of PDF Bear, there are more things that you can accomplish, and it’s easier. Their system ensures that all your file’s quality is intact after you convert them into PDFs.

You can share your files with your colleagues, classmates, business partners, or anyone that wants to receive your presentation without any hassle. While PPT files are the standard and universal, not every system can support this file. With PDF Bear as your conversion tool, you can convert your data in an instant. From that point, there are many things that you can do with your PDF files like compressing, merging, splitting, and a lot more. With that, here’s how to use the PPT to PDF converter:

  1. Pick the PPT file that you want to convert.
  2. Sit tight and watch the process of converting your file.
  3. When your data is already uploaded, you can now choose the available options.
  4. Press the “Download” button if you want to save the file or share it with your Google Drive or Dropbox.


If you want to convert your photos, you can use PDF Bear to convert a JPG file to a PDF, and this converter also supports TIFF and PNG. The instruction is pretty easy to follow, and with only a few seconds, your PDFs will be ready. It’s quite fast and efficient to use, and you won’t be spending a dime utilizing it. You can now convert your photos online quickly and carefree, and PDF Bear’s servers will handle the job for you. Here’s how you can do a JPG to a PDF:

  1. Upload the image or JPG file that you want.
  2. Choose the available options.
  3. Press “Convert!” and watch the conversion process to start.
  4. Select the “Download” button to save the file on the computer or share it using Dropbox or Google Drive.

PDF to Excel

Converting your files using PDF Bear is easy but the time of conversion will always depend on the server’s workload or file size, but even the file size is big, this tool can still convert everything as soon as possible.

If you want a converter that can transform your PDF file into Excel, many people would recommend using the converter of PDF Bear. It can provide a secure and safe way for users to convert their data with the quality still intact. Everything that the PDF Bear offer is free and handy. Follow these steps to convert your PDF to Excel:

  1. Upload the PDF file that you want to convert on the website of PDF Bear.
  2. In just a few seconds, your data will be converted to Excel.
  3. After that, you can download the Excel spreadsheet in a moment.
  4. After the conversion process, your file will be erased from the server after an hour.


If you want to merge, split, compress, convert, repair, and do other things with your PDF files, you can always rely on PDF Bear. This tool is capable of accomplishing your goal in a matter of seconds. Aside from its straightforward and easy instruction to follow, you can also use it for free. 

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