Presenting the “Real Deal” Through the iPhone X Mockup

by Josh Biggs in Mobile on 2nd October 2019

Presenting digital products is no longer a PowerPoint or slide-show presentation kind of stuff. It is now an output best presented through gadget mockup. One of the best ways to showcase your digital product or marketing project is through the iPhone X mockup.

So why the iPhone X? First of all, any awesome iPhone can be the best vehicle to present your project. But while new iPhones were recently released, the iPhone X, which was released in 2017, continues to be one of the best smartphones launched by any brand.

Since it was released two years ago, most people would already consider it ancient. But the iPhone X still has among the best mobile displays in the market: Super Retina OLED capacitive touchscreen featuring 16M colors. It has mighty resolution at 1125 x 2436 pixels.

You don’t really need three cameras, so the dual camera from the iPhone X will do you good as you prepare your PSD mockup for presentations. So even with new models coming out, iPhone X users won’t feel the need to upgrade because this model has everything they actually need and more.

Now that you have been assured of how capable the iPhone X really is, how can you use it for presentations?

iPhone X mockup for websites

Every business needs a website. It is now a mandatory thing—mandatory for businesses that want to succeed. Getting by with a great product or high-quality service is no longer a guarantee for success as more people learn about new products and services online.

With that said, if you are a website designer, the iPhone X mockup will be the most professional way you could showcase your amazing creativity.

The goal in designing a website is to attract your client with your creativity. But putting this creativity on photorealistic iPhone display will greatly impress clients or prospective clients. Having a prototype on the smartphone allows the client to see how the actual website will look on a real device.

You might want to try the iPhone X Clay mockup if you want to showcase how truly remarkable the website is because this kind of mockup is minimalist. You only have a simple black or white background so your design will really shine.

Digital Ramotion store has 10 PSD file and two Sketch mockups that you can utilize for your presentation needs.

Mockups for mobile applications

Another use for the iPhone X mockup is if you have designed a mobile application. Ramotion’s PSD and Sketch mockups will also help you showcase your app design on the App Store.

The smartphone is the best way to demonstrate a mobile app design because this digital project is made for mobile devices. This way, the client will definitely see how the product will look on an actual device by which it will be presented.

This will give the client a general idea on what it actually looks like, so the client can immediately communicate the necessary changes they want implemented in the app design. Because it’s the closest to the real deal, the client’s team can critique the design immediately after the presentation or demonstration. This will make work faster.

There are so many available free mockups online that you can use for your mobile app design. Choose free PSD mockups for easy editing work. These are also available for other iPhone models like the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7, among others. The older models are still functional and can still showcase your mobile apps, but you know that the upgraded version always have something better to offer. Know more about the recently released iPhone models in this Forbes report.

Branding made better

Another reason to use your iPhone mockup is to present your branding strategies to a client. Now how can an iPhone present a brand? The online world is teeming with mockup templates including a stationery mockup that is perfect for you to present one of your branding strategies.

Branding is a whole slew of strategies. This involves creating a corporate identity of the business. There will also be a lot of deliberation on the design of a logo, which will take on the face of the company. That logo will be plastered in all of the company’s office supplies.

This is where the stationery mockup comes in. Different mockups feature different items where branding logos are usually placed. There are papers for documents and letters, folders, notebooks and note pads, pens and pencils, and calling cards. Other mockups include envelopes, stationeries and brochures.

If you think the iPhone X is too small to show off the stationery mockup, then that is the beauty of working with Apple products. Every Apple device is compatible with another Apple gadget. So if you have all your branding mockups stored in your phone, you can easily showcase them on a bigger Apple product like the iMac or MacBook during client presentations.

Of course, you can complement branding presentations with actual branding product prototypes.


Another digital product you can show off through the iPhone X mockup is your e-commerce design. There is a different mindset that should be used when designing for an e-commerce website rather than a regular website.

When it comes to e-commerce, you want the site to showcase the products. At the same time, you want user interface and user experience to be top-notch. Flat designs would best showcase products in an e-commerce site, unless of course the products need more elaborate dimensions to indicate their stylistic elements.

One of the most popular e-commerce sites are grocery stores. Say you are designing for a neighborhood grocery store that wants to branch out to online selling with deliver service. A flat design is all it needs. A stylistic design will just take away from the site the importance of the products. The things that the online store sells should be the highlight of the site.

The iPhone, of course, will be the perfect vehicle for a prototype. After all, people resort to e-commerce because they prefer to stay on their mobile gadgets rather than travel to the store to shop.

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