Project Management with Zoho: Power the Organization and Lead Your Company to Success

by Josh Biggs in Software on 1st March 2021

 The basis of success is the productivity of the employees, and for this, it is essential to have a good organization and planning model. Here, a project management software remains a top recommendation due its characteristics, and everything you can achieve with the implementation of this type of tool.

Zoho Projects, an award-winning project management software is transforming automation with simplified and streamlined management of tasks and projects. It is available globally and has enjoyed decades long of success. 

As a platform, Zoho Projects is affordable, integrated with a Gantt Chart builder, built-in invoicing system, AI powered chat assistance, task automation with Blueprint and much more.

Here is what Zoho offers your business:

  1. Achieve goals by measuring activity 

When speaking of productivity, we refer to the use of different resources to achieve a goal, either as a benefit or as an effort. Technology is constantly evolving, developing new functionalities day by day, and specializing in more diverse and specific areas, seeking to satisfy the needs of each user and optimizing time and resources.

With this premise, productivity software was born, an automated solution for the business management that allows increasing performance levels and their measurement.

Due to the accelerated rate of development that characterizes technology, Zoho’s popularity has grown. It is important to pay attention to the tools we choose for our company since each software can be focused on different productivity attending to different elements

  1. Possibilities of productivity software

The range of possibilities that Zoho Projects presents is very diverse depending on the size of the company or project, what we want to measure, and the objectives set.

Traditionally there has been talk of Project Management, the management of own construction projects, or large projects. It is a model that encompasses different phases within its line of action and includes multiple professionals who have a presence in the development of the project and serves to plan and coordinate the members and phases that comprise it.

For their part, companies measure the productivity of their employees on a daily basis. They know the time invested in each task, people involved in each action, etc. Recording the daily operations of each employee and work team. This will be very useful as global information of the company to know the achievements and objectives achieved based on the investment of hours.

We can also measure personal productivity, a tool that will provide information similar to the previous one, but aimed at freelancers or SMEs. Thanks to this program, we will be able to design a roadmap for planning activities in the short, medium, and long term. 

The productivity software will help to comply with them and will monitor daily, weekly, monthly. In this way, we will be able to know what type of task a greater number of days are being spent on, visualize the different types of activities, and organize the time depending on the objectives set.

Organization and performance measurement, the main advantages of implementing this productivity software. Establishment of different categories of tasks, thus covering all the possible activities that a person can carry out.

  1. Management of activities individually

Setting start and end dates, assignment to another person, consultation of the hours invested in each task individually, interconnectivity between several tasks belonging to an activity group.

  1. Improve communication between different members

Zoho is oriented to the needs of a self-employed person or a small and medium-sized company. In the case of the self-employed person, they will be able to manage all his activities in a simple way. And in the case of SMEs, it will be very useful to promote fluid communication between the members of their team.

Each worker will be able to consult their started, pending, or completed tasks and communicate with other members depending on the needs of each one of them. Communication will be easier and more effective.

  1. Flexibility and adaptation for all sectors

Productivity software is a system that offers companies a flexible and adaptable tool for each of their needs and activities. It allows optimizing planning and increasing productivity levels in any sector.

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