Quantum computing: technologies and problems

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 28th April 2021

Have you ever heard of quantum computing? Not quite sure about it? Well, you are at the right place. Stick till the end of this article, you will find all the information about quantum computing. Computers have revolutionized the world in many ways. No exaggeration! They have brought positive changes and transformed many industries. Computers have become an integral part of people’s life. From personal to professional work, for everything they are dependent on computers.

Quantum computing! The word itself feels like something from science fiction. Compared to the first computer that was created, computers have come a long way. They are now smaller, faster, and more powerful. The transistors in the computers are so small and it is all thanks to the existing technologies. Computer innovators are now looking for possible solutions in the subatomic and atomic levels in quantum computing. With quantum computing, they want to launch quantum computers. 

Many innovators and industry leaders are running to develop quantum computers commercially. The best part about quantum computers is they will provide computers with the computing power that is required to solve intractable problems. Compared to classic computers, quantum computers will solve the problems within a practical timeframe. 

What is Quantum computing?

Quantum computing focuses on developing computer technologies that are based on the quantum theory principle. Quantum theory deals with the behaviors of materials and energy on the subatomic and atomic levels. As you already know, classic computers encode the data in binary systems i.e., 1’s and 0’s. However, quantum computing uses qubits or quantum bits. Because of their unique ability, the subatomic particles allow them to exist in more than one state. The qubits have two properties: superposition and entanglement. Simply put, they can exist as 1’s and 0’s at the same time. Using quantum computing the innovators are working to create supercomputers that provide solutions at a rapid speed by consuming less energy. Want to know more about quantum computing-checkout this blog that will provide a detailed explanation. 

Benefits of Quantum computing

These are a few benefits of quantum computing. 

Artificial Intelligence

A.I is slowly creeping into the daily lives of people. Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that is changing the landscape of most industries. Artificial Intelligence is the primary application for Quantum computing. As you already know, Artificial Intelligence works on the principle of learning from experience. It becomes accurate after the feedback is given. And here the feedback is based on calculating the probabilities for many choices. So this makes AI a perfect candidate for quantum computing. 


In this digital era, protecting digital assets has become a primary concern. With quantum computing, this scenario will be reversed. Most of the digital security is currently made possible with the factoring of large numbers into primes. Although modern digital computers are accomplishing these factors. But the time period they take to crack the code is high. The time factor makes it impractical and expensive. However, with quantum computing, it can be easily accomplished. As it provides solutions at a rapid speed, the decryption will become a trivial matter. 


Yes! Forecasting can also be improved through quantum computing. Weather forecasting is mainly based on forecasting and predicting several scenarios that rely on complex and large data sets. So the more inputs you provide the more accurate the outcome will be. But here is the problem, with classic computers if you give more inputs it takes longer to calculate the outcomes and by that time the actual weather would have evolved. With quantum computing, this problem can be solved as they solve complex problems with high speed and low energy consumption. One of the major benefits is, if you forecast the weather correctly, they can take measures to stop a calamity and avoid economical losses.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the future. Major companies of the automobile industry are striving towards building self-driving cars. These cars will reduce road accidents as they reduce driver errors, help the environment, reduce pollution and congestion. Major corporations such as Google, Tesla are using quantum computing to develop self-driving & transportation technologies and batteries. Quantum computing is contributing to developing self-driving cars. This shows that this is a technology of the future that will revolutionize the world. 

Problems with Quantum Computing


Decoherence is a phenomenon in quantum computing. Since quantum computers are highly sensitive to the interaction with their surroundings. Any measurement or interaction will lead to the collapse of state function. Simply put, it becomes highly impossible to separate a quantum system from its surroundings. If there are more numbers of qubits it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the coherence of a quantum system. 

State preparation constraints 

State preparation is the first and foremost step prior to the beginning of quantum computing. For quantum computing to proceed correctly the qubits should be in the superposition state i.e., 1’s and 0’s existing at the same time. There are several problems relating to entanglement and superposition. Also, the state transitions using the local transformation are also not realistic in the large system. So while designing the algorithms for quantum computers the quantum statistical constraints also need to be considered. 

Wrapping up

Quantum computers are the future. Quantum supremacy is the dawn of quantum computing. Quantum computing will provide solutions to the most complex problems. They perform tasks faster than classic computers. And it is a given that they will revolutionize several industries such as Medical, Financial, Aviation, etc. Prominent companies such as Google, Tesla, and Apple are also pouring millions of dollars into the development of quantum computers. They want to harness the power of quantum computing to create quantum computers that will help them in improving their products whilst helping the environment. Hope this article has provided you with all the information you are looking for relating to quantum computing. Quantum computing will bring people closer to quantum computers. Although quantum computing has its own problems, it definitely is something that has the capability to revolutionize the world. 

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