Reliable Marketing Ideas to Skyrocket Your Conversions and Sales

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 9th August 2021

Are your marketing campaigns attracting enough high-value customers to boost your conversions and sales?

If you answered “Yes,” then great. But if not, it might be time for you to get more creative with your marketing tactics. 

However, the challenge is finding the right marketing strategy, such as adopting customer-centric and market-driven approaches to marketing and integrating creative aspects to increase revenue. 

Implement a more strategic approach by learning the four creative marketing ideas in this guide to help you generate more leads and skyrocket your conversions and sales.  

1. Publish visually-stunning and valuable infographics

Infographics are excellent for publishing relevant, audience-centric, and branded content that is enticing and easy for your audience to find and consume. 

It’s also a great way to share complex information with your audiences. 

For instance, if you’re running marketing for technology campaigns, publishing infographics allows you to break down technical topics into bite-size details using a visual content format.  

Tools such as Canva provide a library of highly customizable templates to help you design stunning and valuable infographics. 

Build your design or modify Canva’s ready-made templates. Use the editing tools to customize sections, font styles, colors, and sizes, add background images and elements, etc. 

Create killer infographics by choosing the topic to lay your content’s foundation, gather original data and research other reliable sources, write a creative brief to set the tone of your design, and use the right tools.

2. Create highly-engaging videos

One of the evergreen marketing tips that actually work is publishing videos due to the different interactive content you can create through video marketing.

From sharing stories, promoting your brand, educating viewers about your products, entertaining your audience, videos help you engage prospects, generate leads, and, ultimately,  boost sales. These are just some of the major benefits of using videos for small businesses and the more established ones.

Wow your audience by creating highly-engaging videos with these tips.

  • Identify your marketing goals. Know your objectives in publishing marketing videos, such as creating brand awareness, product promotion, etc. 

Doing so helps you determine the type of content you need to create, your target audiences, plus, it will shape your video marketing strategies. 

  • Create a strong introduction. Hook your viewers within the first ten seconds of your video and keep them watching to the end with an interesting and compelling intro. 

Include a brief mention of your content’s value to your audience in the introduction, so they know what’s in it for them.

  • Make your video title compelling. Capture your audience’s attention with an interesting but relevant video title. Otherwise, your viewers won’t bother watching your content. 

A solid video title also helps you engage your audience from the get-go and give them a glimpse of what to expect from your content. 

  • Use video creator tools. Create professional marketing videos with user-friendly tools such as Animoto.

Start from scratch or build your own designs and use the tool’s templates for explainer videos, product promotion, tutorials, and more. 

The tool also offers drag and drop editing and other features for quick and easy marketing video creation.   

3. Run social media photo contests

A photo contest is an excellent way to engage your audiences while promoting your brand or products. 

The best part is that you won’t need to spend too much of your time and resources implementing this marketing tactic. 

It works by asking your audience to create and share photos relevant to your contest’s theme for the chance of winning prizes.  

Audiences can easily enter your photo contest since anyone with an Instagram or Facebook account can upload their entry and participate in seconds. 

Here’s a sample photo contest from Maplewood Brewery & Distillery.

The brand laid out the photo contest mechanics clearly and even added some fun criteria, making it an engaging and exciting way to connect and engage with audiences. 

Running photo contests helps you boost your business’ visibility, build positive associations for your brand, spread your promotional materials, and more.  

Plus, you’ll get tons of user-generated content to reuse for your other marketing efforts, making your photo contest a win-win situation for you and your potential customers.   

Additional tip: Track and analyze the performance of your creative marketing efforts so you know what’s working and what isn’t. To pull this off, use a reliable marketing analytics software so you can easily and effectively track and store data. By studying your marketing analytics, you can make better marketing decisions that will drastically increase your chances of generating more sales.

4. Share clever testimonials

Sharing positive product reviews from satisfied customers is perfect for building trust with your prospects since these testimonials can serve as personal recommendations from friends and family.

Aside from telling your audience the quality of your products and what they can expect from your brand, use testimonials to increase your customer engagement.

Poo-Pourri, for instance, is a company selling fragrant sprays for toilets, and their reviews page is filled with real-life but hilarious customer testimonials and product experiences. 

Another example is the Niagara Falls attraction called Nightmares Fear Factory.

The company displays social proof by posting photos of their guests on their Flickr feed as the people go through the attraction. 

The guests’ reactions in the photos show how the Nightmares Fear Factory lives up to its name, delivering the kind of experience you would expect from the company. 

The two examples represent inventive ways to make your customer testimonials and social proof informational, relatable, fun, and showcase the quality of your products and services all at the same time. 

This helps you engage customers better, build trust in your brand, and, in turn, increase your conversions and sales. 

Additionally, ensure your ecommerce platforms provide built-in features that allow your customers to post and share product reviews easily. 

Check if your platform allows you to customize how you want to display customer testimonials or if it offers plugins or apps you can easily integrate to design creative product reviews.

5. Create an interactive mobile app for your business.

Apps let your customers access more information and complete a vast selection of activities with your business conveniently. This boosts your sales, engagement, and conversion opportunities — especially with the increasing mobile use today.

To build a highly engaging mobile app, pay very close attention to your user experience. Consider these tips:

  • Keep a straightforward user interface. Use clear, neat layouts with simple navigation systems. Focus on the most essential activities and elements since you have a limited size and space. Remember, the fewer taps to get to a destination, the better.
  • Make your login and checkout quick. Offer to store information and leverage auto-fill and logins via email or social networks. For checkout, auto-complete features are also practical. Then use thumb-friendly CTA buttons for “Pay” and “Checkout.”

Building an app entails a substantial investment of time and resources — which is why you must ensure its security. Losing your app can cost you your customers’ patronage plus thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen data. So, safeguard your code with backup tools. If you’re creating your app on Microsoft Azure DevOps, you can use Backrightup.

Backrightup is a secure, automated backup tool for apps built on Azure DevOps. It instantly and daily duplicates all your repositories, pipelines, etc., and provides updates on your dashboard. You can even back up specific entities in advance as needed and more. Backrightup streamlines this burdensome task so you can focus on critical marketing tasks without worrying about your app’s safety.

With an interactive, backed-up mobile app, you can enhance the shopping experience and engage and entice customers effectively to take your sales offers.

Final thoughts

The possibilities of running highly-creative and engaging marketing campaigns are endless.

As long as you set goals, use the right strategies and tools, and be consistent in your marketing message, you can adopt many out of the box and innovative ways to propel your marketing efforts, generate tons of leads, and convert your audience into paying customers.