Robotic Exoskeletons – ROAM, raises $12M in Series A

by megan jones in News on 2nd December 2018

Roam  – Robotic exoskeletons company was found by Tim Swift in the year 2013. At Roam, robotic exoskeletons are built to enhance endurance, speed, and strength for people. The robotic exoskeletons are created with lightweight and affordable for common people which can be used in everyday life. These products make life easy whether you walk, ski, hike or run. The purpose of Roam is to reach all types of people and change the boundaries of human mobility. Roam is feasible for everyone: Soldiers, aging athletes, and common people. Roam aims to power the person beyond one’s body, giving people the mobile lives they were meant to live. Simply, it helps those who just want to stand again and take a walk like any other normal person,

Series A Funding

Recently, through Series A round Roam has raised $12M to boost the company’s Sales and Marketing for their products. This round was led by Yamaha motor ventures and laboratory silicon valley, the lead investor along with other investors such as Venture investment associates, Spero ventures, Valor equity partners, R7 partners, Venlo ventures. Tim Swift the founder, expresses that this will enhance Roam products to a great extent into the market.

Elevate – The First product of Roam

Elevate is designed in order to boost skiers with best skiing experience. It is aimed for Diehard Skiers those who want to ski stronger and longer and beyond the edges of possibility, even people with muscle fatigue and knee pain can also go skiing with Elevate. The purpose of Elevate is to reduce joint pressure and muscle fatigue with the help of air actuators present at knees by strengthening and mimicking quadricep muscles. This product is adjustable and follows the human body’s lead and keeps the user in control.

Features of Elevate

  • Ski Stronger and Longer – Improvise one’s quad strength with more control, longer runs and stronger turns.
  • Feel Energized and Lighter – The device is designed in such a way to take off the weight of the joints and hence helps in better ski experience.
  • Support to Knee – Elevate improves the stability in the knee and prevents any wear and tear on the knee.

Specifications of Roam

Light Weight
Roam products are made of large strength material and air restraint to overcome the weight of the device without any compromising in its performance
Low Cost
At Roam, High-tolerance components are withdrawn in approval of mass production processes like molding and sewing.
The extremely high energy of the products to its weight ratios provides very high performance which is unattainable previously.

Enhancement of Roam in different fields

The main aim of Roam is to manufacture exceptional products which give amazing physical experiences like endurance, speed, and strength. And to be accessible to all kinds of people. Roam products are currently available in the following fields,
Recreational – Roam products can be used in recreational activities like Skiing, Run Enhancement, and hiking, with a great experience like never before.
Home – Roam has manufactured products especially for Old age and restricted giving them the ability to walk without any pain in their knees or joints.
Military– Roam has done its part even in the military serv
ices by creating the products that enhance the performance making it easier for our Heroes protecting us out there.


Every Human being has different dreams to travel and visit places in the world, and do things that they want to. But the Human body has got its own limitations. And so, we have got Roam, whose major step is to help us cross that Barrier. And fortunately, they are coming up with many other projects to fulfill the daily living in upcoming years.

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