Sales Interview Questions That Should Always Be Asked

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 13th June 2019

We live in a world that is constantly climbing in terms of evolving, which means that changes are always being made. You have to think about what’s different now compared to how things used to be.

It’s not just the world itself that’s changing, the way we all handle different life factors is changing too. Not to mention that multiple areas like the business scene are creating a new path for many opportunities to be made. For the most part, you’ll notice that businesses are using technology much more nowadays. While that may be the case they are also still using classic methods to get certain tasks done. Especially when it comes to interviewing potential employees for a job position. The business world is full of a multitude of positions that are always needed to be filled, mainly dealing with sales. A company’s sales positions are going to play a vital role in the company’s upcoming growth progression. Just like any other job choice, you are going to be interviewing someone before filling the position.

The typical challenge of doing that is knowing what questions to ask. You always want to remember that the sales interview questions you ask are key. The overall goal is to ask questions that the potential hire can answer with a purpose. As the hiring manager, hosting a sales job interview can turn out to be quite the task to handle. Not only are you holding high expectations, but you are looking to be persuaded. In order to run this interview correctly, you have to make sure that you are asking the right questions (nothing too extreme).

There’s more to the situation than just asking questions, you want to ask questions with a force behind it. A lot of what you are asking can be intense, but that’s exactly what you should look to do. Questions like these can actually help you predict a candidate’s potential but with a scale of high potential in mind. Every question you ask is going to help you figure out the candidate, and it’ll help you figure out their weaknesses and strengths.

Will They Be Comfortable With Making Cold Calls?

In any sales position (no matter where you are) employees are always going to have to make a cold call at some point which means you have to know about their experience, more about their personality. Candidates should always look to be outgoing when working with sales, it gives them a better chance of closing the deal. Also, make sure that they are capable of initiating a conversation too. Be sure that you candidate days more than treat it like a yes-or-no question, you want to get into detail.

Do They Have Any Long-Term Goals?

As the employer, you want to get a sense of any candidate’s ambitions. Knowing details like this is going to play a vital role in their hiring. Knowing that they are likely to stick around for a long period of time is a standout quality. This is especially important if you are looking to fill a specific position in a quick manner.

What’s Behind Their Motivation?

Knowing what drives a job candidate to do what they do will also be a vital factor to cover. You want to be able to connect with them in regards to their goals. Be sure that when they answer they go beyond just a normal answer.

There are a lot of questions that you can ask as the interviewer, but you always want to be intense with what you asking. Not only are you looking for qualifying traits, but you are looking to hire someone on good terms with good relationship intentions in mind.

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