Security Advisory: Why you Need Modern SOC Platform

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 18th April 2021

Over the years, the internet has truly changed the way of life. It has revolutionized and improved the quality of life. From social media platforms to e-commerce sites, it has changed many aspects of day-to-day life. However, along with the evolution of technology, the cyber threats landscape is also evolving. Cyber threats or attacks can turn out to be a costly affair for businesses if they didn’t cut the bud in the nip. Act fast! The longer you take to get the situation under control, the greater the expenses and damage the organization will have to deal with.

If you want to protect your organization against any potential cyber threats, your business must need rapid monitoring. In case you detect a potential threat then the response should also be quicker to reduce the potential damage. Having a Security Operations Center (SOC) within your organization will monitor the cyber threats 24×7. The best part is along with monitoring SOC also provides immediate response in case of any attacks or cyber threats. 

What is SOC?

Security Operations Center (SOC) is a centralized spot where the security team monitors, analyzes, detects and responds to any incidents related to cybersecurity. Simply put, it monitors your networks, serves, databases and alerts your security team in case of any malicious activity. Detecting the threats early on will help your security team in tackling the cyber attack. To learn more about what is SOC, go to the site:

Businesses are also changing with time. They have also shifted their operations to online. They have servers, databases, websites that contain lots of sensitive information, be it customers or their own. So having a SOC will assure them that they are protected against cyber incidents. Businesses need to have a SOC, irrespective of their business size. If you have established/expanded your business to multiple locations then it goes without saying that you need a SOC to protect your business and its sensitive information.

With all this being said, you must be curious to know why your business needs a modern SOC platform. Let’s jump straight to the topic then.

Reduces Dwell time

One of the most prominent reasons an organisation is suggested a SOC platform is because they monitor malicious activity. The aftermath of a cyber attack can be hard on a business. Along with losing the trust of their clients, the financial impact is also quite high. However, SOC platforms can detect the attacker as soon as the initial attack occurs. Dwell time is the time the hacker/attackers go unnoticed in the network. The SOC shortens the dwell time and alerts your security team within minutes of the attack. Their response will be immediate and they can take the required measures to manage the damage the intrusion has caused. 


Even when you’re sleeping, your business needs to be protected. Having 24×7 monitoring is quite important for organizations. With SOC this is exactly what they will be getting. The attacker can attack your data and IT infrastructure at any time. Since you have business hours doesn’t mean that the criminal will also stick to the business hours, right? Cybercriminals will attack your organization’s data when you least expect it.  So by monitoring your business round the clock, the security team can detect, analyze, and respond faster to the intrusion. The SOC will detect early on, so you can protect your network from the attack.

Cost reduction

Would you like to spend tons of money to manage damages after a cyberattack or get a modern SOC platform and protect your data? Well, most likely option 2. Along with providing continuous monitoring it also helps in reducing cybersecurity costs. Wondering how? In the long run, it will save you lots of dollars by reducing the cybersecurity risks. Corporate Cybersecurity maintenance can be quite expensive. Multiple platforms and licenses are also required. Not only that, if you have multiple business locations or branches then having a security team for each branch will cost huge sums. Having a centralized SOC will manage all the branch’s security from one location and saves you overhead costs too as you don’t have to have a separate department in each branch. 


Every business has a few security technologies that they implement in their network to avoid cyber attacks. Some of those security technologies include anti-virus, DNS, firewall, email security, etc. However, adding SOC to your existing security layers will provide you with insights to consolidate the threats and determine whether they need to be escalated or not. Simply put, SOC provides the insights and also isolates the threat until the measures are taken. Not only that with SOC you can centralize the security of both hardware and software assets.


Without a proper process in place, it is quite hard to find, analyze, identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents. For effective response and detection having a good collaboration is a must. With SOC you can achieve collaboration. It is a centralized spot from where the security team will manage all the security-related issues relating to your organization. It promotes better collaboration within the team members so they can meet the cybersecurity needs of the business. 

Wrapping Up

Businesses are taking extra care when it comes to cybersecurity. The reason is quite simple, companies are storing all the details relating to the clients and their work online. With this advancement, it has also become easy for attackers to hold this sensitive data for ransom. Apart from reputation damage companies also have to face the financial impact too. Security technologies are truly changing the cybersecurity landscape. The SOC platforms detect, analyse the cybersecurity incident. They hardly take minutes to detect that attack. You can respond to the attack quickly and take the required measures. Since you have made it to the end of this article, hope you understood why your business needs modern SOC platforms. 

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