SEO Tactics To Consider In 2020

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 22nd December 2019

Outside The Box: A Comprehensive Consideration Of Factors
First, let’s get this out of the way: nobody knows the future, prognostication is basically an extension of existing pattern observation. Prophecy, in the old Hebrew sense, was “Pattern Recognition”. Well, that’s what we’re going to engage in briefly here.

Patterns in things like business ranking lead to sometimes predictable outcomes; or at least fairly accurate estimation. There are quite a few trends you’ll want to look out for, but the following three may serve to give you a very real edge on what’s to come – the industry’s always changing.

The Expansion Of Zero-Click Searches

Likely enough, you see this every day. Google continuously transforms the functionality of their platform. Accordingly, the search engine interface always transitions. You’ve likely noticed that now when you search a factoid or something specific, you’ll see what you’re looking for show up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) itself.

This makes it so you don’t have to “click” the link to get the information you need. You can copy the URL instead (if necessary), and get on with your business. Google is increasingly expanding how it “traffics” users. The idea is that you can type in something and get an exact response that’s precisely what you were looking for, immediately.

The perfection of this aim won’t happen until a computer can read a person’s mind remotely through algorithms. Accordingly, Google continuously collects data and uses this data to calibrate its algorithms. Its platform becomes more personalized and intrinsic as a matter of course.

Zero-click searches are just one of many “sibling” innovations that have subtly transformed Alphabet Incorporated’s Google. Put yourself in the mindset of the searcher, and work to design SEO protocols that match human psychology as reflected by the data. Consultation can help you find the right data to help inform your efforts here.

Local SEO Optimization: Get A Google Business Page

Local optimization is absolutely fundamental. People will usually when seeking services they intend to travel to, type something like “coffee shops in my area”. Google is always monitoring what devices are using their services. The coordinates from where the search took place allow Google software to find all of “X” in “my area”.

Use all the right keywords, and get a Google business page. Getting a Google business page is free, and it’s wise because it will help you be more visible to Google’s search engine. If you don’t have this, you might not show up in the area of someone conducting a search. This is good for clandestine businesses with shrouded clientele, but it’s not good for SEO.

Developing Reactions To Google Impact Search Engine Market isn’t that bad, really. It’s got all the options Google does, though presented in its own format, and it tends to have less ideological algorithm alteration; a blunder of Google’s which has lead to some slight controversy in Washington. It’s very possible legal pressures will act in a way that forces Google to alter algorithms.

Accordingly, should this happen, SEO will be affected. If this happens, two things immediately develop, increased potential market share for competitors, and new conventions in terms of content design for businesses. As a business, it may behoove you to consider SEO techniques calibrated to non-Google search engines.

A Pragmatic Strategy

Of course, nothing may happen, but there is controversy, and the savviest business owners look at all features of their market comprehensively to make smart moves other businesses don’t realize are possible.

Working with SEO groups who are professional and on the cutting-edge, such as Thunderhawk Digital, helps you avoid any unnecessary trial and error. Accordingly, you can identify the most likely trends, and how to most effectively work within them.

These are just several to watch for in 2020. The Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, decentralization, and quantum computing are setting up the technological stage for another iterative leap forward in terms of innovation. That will have a profound economic impact; keeping yourself up-to-date in SEO is essential to come what may.

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