Should You Hire an Expert to Help With SEO?

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 25th March 2021

SEO is a vital part of marketing, and its role in the marketing world will likely only get bigger as time goes on. Millions of people rely on search engines to get information and find businesses, so ranking highly on search engine result pages can provide a big boost to your company. Although SEO is an important aspect of growing your business, it can be a difficult topic to grasp and master. As a result, many companies turn to outside SEO consulting rather than tackling the subject in-house. So how can you know whether you should handle SEO internally or seek help from an SEO company? Let’s take a look. 

Company Size

A huge factor in whether you should hire outside help with SEO is the size of your company. Large established companies might have the resources to create an entire in-house team dedicated to SEO. These large companies can expand their marketing department to include a few full-time SEO experts, allowing you to have complete control of your SEO. However, hiring an in-house SEO team requires a lot of money and resources, something a lot of companies don’t have. For smaller and more cash-strapped companies, hiring an SEO consultant is a much cheaper option that can still get the job done. Although you may not have complete control when outsourcing, for many companies, hiring an SEO consultant is the best option. 

SEO Rankings

One of the biggest influences on whether your company needs to hire an SEO consultant is your current SEO rankings. If your company fails to rank for any relevant search engine result pages, then you desperately need SEO help. Growing your brand is almost impossible if prospective customers can’t find you on search engines. If your company naturally ranks for relevant search engine result pages, then hiring an SEO consultant might only be beneficial if you’re looking to expand and grow your digital presence. However, for those companies that are struggling mightily in search engine results, hiring an SEO consultant is something that is desperately needed. 

Optimized Web Presence

SEO isn’t simply keyword research and building links, as there are other aspects involved as well. A key part of improving SEO is optimizing your website and its various webpages. Things like load times, mobile-friendliness, and website organization all affect your website’s SEO rankings. When working with an SEO consultant, website optimization is something they’ll definitely look into. If your company’s website is struggling greatly and needs an overhaul, you stand to benefit a lot from SEO help. These companies can bring in new customers with their improved SEO and offer a smoother experience to existing customers through the updated and optimized website. Although a website audit and improvements are always beneficial, companies that already have a high-quality website stand to benefit less from this aspect of working with an SEO consultant. 

Company Priorities

Although many factors play into whether you should outsource SEO, ultimately the decision comes down to your company’s priorities. SEO is key to expanding your online presence and growing your business. For companies looking to expand to new customers and solidify their web presence, investing in an SEO consultant directly aligns with their company goals. However, some companies may not need that large of a digital presence and may rely on more traditional methods of gaining customers like word of mouth. Although all companies can benefit from an SEO boost, for some companies, it isn’t always the best time to invest into. However, for any company looking to rapidly grow and carve out a web presence, working with an SEO consultant is highly beneficial. 

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