Should You Promote Workplace Competition?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 24th August 2021

Workplace competition might be common. It’s inevitable for some employees to compete with one another. Departments also go against each other to determine the best performer. It’s one thing if the drive comes from within. It’s a different story when the competition happens because the leaders want things to run that way. 

Benefits of creating a competitive environment

The good thing about promoting workplace competition is it motivates everyone to do better. No one wants to lose when there’s something big at stake. Besides, it feels terrible when other departments keep doing a better job.It also motivates people who wish to get promoted to a higher post. They will do whatever it takes to reach the top. It’s an opportunity to get noticed by the leadership team. The competition also sparks creativity. Everyone wants to stand out and won’t settle for anything less. It makes people think outside the box. It benefits the company in the long run.

The downsides of a competitive environment

The other side of the coin can be quite ugly. People become too obsessed with winning at all costs. It might also harm relationships. Besides, everyone is working for the same company. There should be a sense of unity, and competition breaks it apart. You want to acknowledge positive results and not tear people down. Hence, it makes sense if you decide to organise a funfair event like the ones offered by It helps strengthen the employees’ bond and not push them away from each other. Another problem is it could create a toxic work environment. Everyone will see the others as enemies instead of teammates. It can be mentally unhealthy and stressful. It eventually affects people’s work productivity. Worse, it might lead to intense fights. Before you know it, you’re already losing the best people at your company. They can’t stand the environment and would instead work elsewhere. 

Don’t make winning the ultimate goal 

There’s nothing wrong with starting small competitions whenever possible. However, you can’t let everyone think that winning is the ultimate goal. It can be stressful thinking about how to win all the time. You want your employees to focus on their job and relax if they could. The worst thing you can do is intentionally pit people against each other. You also add significant consequences for the loser. Expect the results to be ugly. 

Instil unity and cooperation 

While competition is good, it’s even better if you remind everyone about the value of unity. Your goal is to reach significant milestones as a team. There’s no need to pull each other down to get there. Every department has a function and can contribute to the overall success of the business. It’s the same with every individual working for the company. 

Choose the right path and be a better leader. Running a business isn’t only about making money. It’s also about building relationships and forming positive values. However, if you believe that competition works, do it positively.  

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