Should you Use critical thinking ability test for recruitment?

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 28th April 2019

There are different types of industries out there and plenty of businesses in every industry. The competition is certainly brimming. If you want to make sure that your company works in an effective manner and efficiently; you have to look around.  The best thing that you can do is you can observe. You can find out what the other organizations in your industry doing. Once you know what type of tools they are using for excelling, you would also get a breath of fresh air. One such thing that is vastly used by the organizations is pre-employment tests. There are different tests available in pre-employment zone, like the EPSO test widely used in EU nations. You can choose a test or multiple tests that you find apt for your recruitment program.

One test that you should definitely consider is critical ability test. Yes, critical thinking is important in the present time. If your employees don’t have critical thinking ability, they might not be able to read between the lines. You can lose important projects and business deals because of the incapability of your employees. The point is you have to understand the benefits of critical thinking ability test for your organization. Once you know even the half of the benefits of these tests, you are going to embrace the test for sure.

Critical test would help you in examining the critical potential of the candidate. What is the point if the applicant has great qualification and impressive degrees but lacks critical thinking? It would be disappointing for you right?  You have to figure out where your candidate stands when talking about critical thinking and overall working.  You know weak critical thinking skills showcase themselves in different ways.  these can be seen or witnessed through critical and expensive errors, repeated mistakes, wrong decisions, ineffective systems, procrastination when action is required, the catering of bad advice, imprecise norms, a poor design of training program ,  lack of anticipated action… scanty evaluation of educational curricula  and this list goes on.  Remember, a single mistake or blooper on the part of your employees can land you in legal difficulties or challenging troubles.

It should be kept in mind that Weakness in the skills of critical thinking end up in loss of chances in financial resources and even that of loss of life. So, it is crucial that the person working in your office has critical thinking skills. In case he or she lacks criticality, they might fail to deal with different instances and things would end up against your output. If your employees are in a position to tackle with a situation with their utmost critical thinking; they would never allow any harm get to your organization. But if your employees are doing the repeated errors or impotent to correct their previous blunders; they are certainly lacking the crucial thinking skills and their weakness is badly impacting your business.

What is there Ned to examine the critical side?

It should be on your list to make sure that the candidates have sound critical thinking skills. You cannot afford any bloopers on their part. When you already recruiting people, why not pick the candidates having high level of critical thinking skills?  Once you have the option to choose, there is no harm in doing that! After all, when a single test can strengthen your recruitment program and get you and edge in selection, why not!

A well-refined critical thinker:      

  • Underlines important questions and issues, expressing them in a clear and precise way.
  • Accrues and assesses pertinent information by making use of abstract ideas and concepts to interpret it effectively
  • Comes to well-reasoned beliefs and solutions by testing them against applicable criteria and standards
  • thinks with an open mind inside substitute systems of thought, recognizing and measuring, as need be, their implications, assumptions and real-world consequences
  • Connects in an effective manner with others in finding out solutions to complicated problems.

Now you must be longing for a person having high critical thinking right? Come on, once your staff members have critical thinking skills they would always bring you win-win situations. You would never have to worry about anything else. You know what; critical thinking is, in brief, self-monitored, self-directed, self-disciplined and self-corrective thinking. It is a thing that presumes assent to hard standards of excellence and watchful command of their use. It includes efficient communication and problem solving capabilities and a promise to overcome the native socio-centrism and egocentrism.  The point is that once the staff members you have in your organization are equipped with all these things, they certainly are critical thinkers.

What can the test do for you?

Once you have a test that has particularly been designed to test the critical side of candidates, you eventually end up with exact picture of the candidate. You get to know where the candidate stands in the interview. You know what exactly they are weak at and if you must take them or not. Actually, these pre-employment tests have been rising increasingly these days because of their maximum productivity and ease. The tests give the recruiters an exact picture about the calibre of an individual.

Once you avail a test, you are not going to have to do anything. You just have to conduct the test and by the end of the test; you shall know who stands where. These tests are neutral and give neutral results. There are no favours or bias in these tests. Actually, sometimes, employers get so involved in the resumes and interviews that they fail to assess the practical zones of things. They simply overlook the Critical thinking abilities of candidates. Maybe everything appears good at the time of recruitment and after going through the interview and resumes but things being to unroll slowly once the candidate starts to work in the business.  The point is these pre-employment tests along with interviews can get you the finest candidates as your employees.

Thus, have a discussion with your co-authorities and recruiters regarding having critical thinking test in your recruitment program.

One of the best things to do when conducting an interview on an applicant is to ask them this question: What Makes You Unique?Their answer would cover who they really are as a person. It will allow you a window as to what their personal and professional attitude and aspirations are. This is also a way to let the applicant shine. By asking them this question, you are allowing them to confidently pinpoint what puts them above the rest of the applicant.

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