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Six Proven Strategies To Boost The Traffic & Leads For Your WordPress Blog

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 21st May 2019

Whether you’re considering setting up your blog from scratch or are considering a digital acquisition, generating traffic and leads need to be a top priority. While having a catchy website name and a top-notch design is important, making your content readable, linking it to authority sources, and SEO are all factors that contribute to your blog traffic. However, another crucial factor that plays a huge role in boosting your blog traffic is your lead generation skills.

While engaging content is essential, other areas can help you capture more leads. Attracting people and encouraging them to take part in the conversation is an essential part of lead generation. Hence, here’s how you can boost traffic and generate leads on your WordPress blog:

Use Contact Forms

Contact forms are one of the most successful ways of improving lead conversation and building a conversation with your readers. They provide readers a platform through which they can voice their concerns and share their views on your blog, allowing you to put their suggestions into actions. Making readers feel important is the key to engagement. By responding to their issues through these contact forms, you can build a more user-friendly approach to your blog.

While contact forms are quite easy to set up, there are a few things you need to ensure they don’t end up being a burden for your customers. Here’s how you can make the process as smooth as possible:

●      Using minimal fields that are short and easy to understand

●      Using a call-to-action button that links back to the form

●      Ensuring the form is well-formatted and located in a noticeable section of your blog

●      Embedding the form in different widget sections

●      Using popups to make the forms more accessible

●      Using reCaptcha to make the form convenient to fill

Take Advantage of Social Media

There is absolutely no article of post complete without even a mention of social media. Today, your topmost websites in this world are social media platforms, and these platforms are no longer considered just means of voicing out your thoughts; they’re to be used as platforms to market your products and services.

By promoting your blog on platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, your potential audience gets to experience repeated exposure and, hence, your blog will be on the top of their minds. Moreover, because of the two-way communication that social media websites provide, it’s extremely easy for customers to reach out to you and, thus, massively boost your lead generation.

Hence, integrating your social media profile to your blog and incorporating social sharing buttons and plugins can prove to be widely beneficial to your WordPress blog. When you’re linking your blog to your social media platform, ensure that the thumbnails, such as a YouTube thumbnail, has the right dimensions and makes your video stand out.

Use Newsletters and Mail Subscription Lists

Subscription lists and newsletters are an excellent way to convey information to visitors who are interested in learning more about your offerings or people who simply want to keep up with your posts. Not only does this contribute positively to your lead retention, but it also helps generate interest as well.

By keeping your audience informed on any new content that you post, you create customer engagement. You can use your subscription list to share short forms of your content, such as infographics,  inform them of any changes to the company,  ask for reviews, and offer discounts.

Once you’ve built an extensive email list, here’s how you can use it to boost traffic to your blog:

●      Send automated emails and posts

●      Use it as an advertising medium to promote content

●      Ask for comments and reviews about the blog or products and services

●      Offer demos and free trials

●      Provide updates

Improve Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the primary factor that contributes to how your blog ranks on Google. If you can’t find your blog on the first page, or even second page, of relevant search results, you need to work on the SEO of your WordPress site.

Multiple factors play a role in the SEO of your site. Some of the primary ones are:

●      Optimize your images through relevant descriptions

●      Improve your website’s speed

●      Ensure your blog is mobile-friendly

●      Incorporate keywords in blog posts, site pages, and headings/titles

●      Include internal links

●      Write meta descriptions that incorporate keywords

Interact With Users In The Comments Section

An excellent way to attract more traffic to your blog and generate leads is simply by interacting with readers in the comment section of the posts you publish. Similar to how social media works, your site’s visitors love to feel important and engaging in a conversation with them and taking their opinion into account will ensure they visit your WordPress site regularly.

Every blog post should end with a call to action that encourages visitors to share their views on the content they have just read. Not only does this help build a connection, but it also helps you produce better and more engaging content.

You should also consider using a WordPress plugin that allows users to sign up and sends them an email notification every time there’s a new reply or comment on the blog post. This will give your blog a significant boost in traffic if they know they have a chance to interact with you.

Use Popup pages and Lightbox Plugins

Lightboxes and popups serve as overlay windows and screens that appear either automatically or when a visitor clicks on an item. Lightboxes and popups can boost your lead generation in areas where subscription lists fall short when they are ignored or missed by visitors.

Through pop-up windows, you ensure that you convey the information you want and it reaches the visitor since it can’t be dismissed as easily. Additionally, user registration forms, contact forms, and subscription forms can be incorporated in the form of lightboxes to increase the chances of sign-ups.

By automating various aspects, such as announcements, subscription forms, conveying information, you can ensure that you are maximizing the potential of your lead generation. Lastly, any ads presented to customers should be aesthetically pleasing and hard to say no to.

While the idea to introduce these aspects to your WordPress is tempting, it’s also important to understand that they work best when they work together. To determine the success of anything, analytics play a huge role in giving you insights. Google Analytics metrics can give you a push in the right direction if there’s something that needs to be tweaked for better results. If you want to make a considerable difference to your blog traffic and lead generation, you should cover all areas to ensure maximum benefits.

Have you tried any of these tips before or do you have suggestions of your own? Sound off in the comments below!

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