– Tool developer for adopting Cloud Native Technologies raises $11M

by megan jones in News on 12th December 2018 is a Boston based software company founded by Idit Levine in September 2017. The main motto of is to give the enterprises to operate and adopt innovative cloud-native technologies. Enterprises can connect to the old world of well tested and stable applications which are hard to change by implementing the newer, serverless, service mesh, and stable methods. The existing applications can be updated with the New Features without having to rebuild the entire legacy codebases by allowing the enterprises to respond to Today’s business demands without completing the painful transformation programs.

In today’s competition, Digital transformation has become the biggest challenge for every organization. It will be easier for the enterprises if there is any bridge that connects the existing methods followed by them in doing things to the new methods of cloud-native technologies like serverless, service mesh, and microservices where exactly will do more needful in merging process.

Series A Funding

Recently in a funding round led by Redpoint Ventures, which usually invest for the growth of startups or new markets in the initial stage beside True Ventures, seed investor of, the company has raised $11M in series ‘A’ round. This makes a total of $13.5M funds raised by in Venture and Series A funding rounds. Idit Levine, the founder of stated that these new funds will be used for the Product development, invest in open source tools and also to develop the company’s sales and Marketing Team.

The Purpose of

With the help of, an organization can develop a new application by extracting all the values from the current application.
While building a new microservices application, Parts are always deployed On-Premise and parts on Cloud. And it is impossible to phase out the existing applications. In such cases, Hybrid Application Gateway and Gloo can be the communication channel for such applications. This can be our next-gen API gateway too.

Gloo is Hybrid since it can understand multi-protocols, multi-clouds such as GRPC or SOAP, and Multi-architecture also while developing server-less applications. The advantage of Hybrid Application Gateway is that it allows us to manage and interface multiple service Mesh Technologies. One such Hybrid Application Gateway is Super Gloo. It is a service mesh orchestration tool which helps to start with Service Mesh easily.

Open Source Projects of

Sqoop – When we have to obtain data from many APIs, there must be a commonplace to place a query, to fetch the data from all the APIs. Sqoop can fulfill this requirement. Sqoop is a GraphQL engine just like SQL for all the APLs.
Unik – It is a platform for compiling application sources to MicroVM and Unikernels. Unik manages the instances of various compiles images and runs the instances across a variety of Cloud providers and also locally. It utilizes a simple command line interface that makes it very easy to build MicroVM and Unikernels.

Squash – Squash is a debugger for Microservices. It is a very difficult task to debug any microservice application. The application state is spread over multiple microservices and getting the Holistic view is also hard. Currently, the method that is used for debugging microservices is supported by open tracing, that helps in tracing the transaction or any workflow for its post-mortem analysis, and it contains a service mesh-like Istio that monitors the network in order to classify latency problems. However, these tools are allowed to interfere and monitor the application while runtime.


While building any new applications, the most important criteria for any organization is to engage with the customers in a better and faster way. For every organization, it is always important to be updated to the new methods, not because the current application is of no value, but because it is required to satisfy its customers with the advanced methods and features. This can be achieved easily by using This helps to develop new applications by extracting values from the existing applications without any loss.


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