Solve Your Picross Puzzle in Seven Steps

by Josh Biggs in Software on 17th November 2020

Are you looking to try out new puzzle games? A picross puzzle is a square grid, with numbers on top and to the left. Contrary to common belief, the picross puzzle is not complicated. Instead, the game requires that you apply logic and avoid guesswork. 

For beginners, picross puzzles can be challenging. The good thing is, with practice, the concept becomes straightforward and more effortless for you. 

We have compiled a list of steps you could follow to complete your first picross puzzle;- 

Take Tutorial Lessons 

If you are new to the picross puzzle, take time and go through the app’s tutorial. In case you are filing an app, google picross tutorials, and watch a few videos on the same before proceeding with the puzzle. Tutorials provide insight on how the hints and icons work, enhancing your understanding of the game. 

Learn the Concept of Filling a Picross Puzzle 

Each number informs you of the number of squares to be colored in a row or column is a picross puzzle. For example, the number five indicates that there are to be five consecutive black squares, with no spaces in between. 

If you find more than one number for a row or column, you should know that multiple square groups are expected, and they should be separated by at least one white square. 

For multiple numbers assigned to a single row or column, add the digits to identify the solvable line right away. For example, if you are tackling a string of ten, two figures counting to less than ten indicate the line is solvable. 

Count out loud if you have to, or do it in your head to help mark a possible location. Luckily, some apps come with automated counting features, further enhancing your gameplay. 

End squares are either at the corner of a puzzle or follow a verified mark. They are considered the best gifts in a picross puzzle, as they let you fill an entire sequence then finish by placing another mark. There are multiple solutions to solve nonograms or picross puzzles. 

Utilize Mark Functions  

Use an ‘X’ ‘O’ or ‘Dot’ mark to determine possible locations. Contrary to popular opinion, by doing this, you are not trying to figure out where the blocks could be. Instead, you are eliminating where they cannot be. 

Suppose you marked all probable locations where blocks should appear, and gaps remain undoubtedly; those are the puzzle’s blanks.  The marks allow you to split up connected lines of possible blocks, helping you get unstuck. 

Start With Large Numbers

Scan the numbers outside the grid to identify the single highest digit. Start filling your puzzle using this figure as it makes your work easier and quicker. For example, if you spot a nine in a vertical line of ten possible blocks, you can fill up to eight definite square locations using that single digit.  


A new challenge is always welcome to most people. However, sometimes the challenge can be too much, particularly if you have no one to hold your hand. As you enter the world of picross puzzles, we hope these steps will ease the initial challenge. 

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