Some of The Most Effective and Creative Blog Post Ideas

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 21st June 2019

It can happen to some people when they sit to write on something but they don’t have any idea on what to write. Yes, identifying a blog post idea can be a daunting task that becomes more problematic when you have your blog release date approaching fast. If you relate yourself to such a situation, then this post is for you.

Here, we have mentioned several impactful blog post ideas that will not just interest you but your audience as well.

How did you begin your career?

This is one of the commonest yet very important blog ideas that will definitely create a curiosity in the minds of readers. Your followers would be keen to learn more about your business, establishment, its journey towards success, hurdles that you faced and the way you accomplished them, etc.

Share tiniest details that need to be told to them. In this way, they will relate you on a personal level and feel a connection with your brand. This, in turn, will help your business to touch someone’s life and achieving your goals quickly.

Compile A List of Links and Posts on A Specific Topic.

Once you decide on a topic, collect all the information to form a post. Also, gather all actionable links and tag them in your blog post.

What marketing strategies failed to work for your business?

It makes sense to know which marketing strategies worked for your business and which didn’t work. By sharing these insights with your readers, you are benefitting them in some way.

By learning about the marketing mistakes that have made, they will definitely defend themselves against them and would implement the strategies that you found beneficial. This is something based on your experience rather than simply a bookish theoretical knowledge. Giving value to the user in any way would make them more interested in your blog post and be enthusiastic to visit your blog again and again.

Prepare A List of Frequently Asked Questions

Is your business being asked a lot of questions? If that is the thing, then what you need to do is to write all these questions and reply to them one by one.  This will be a great post for your blog readers.

If you have not been probed any questions, then there is nothing to get disappointed. You can make your own set of questions regarding your services or products that will be helpful to all those who are interested in using it.

Get a Guest Post by an influencer

Guest posting is another impactful way to make more followers, find guest posting sites list here. It is remarkable to build your authority.

Things that make you superior to your competitors

A business can get insecure about seeing that its competitors are doing well. It can be the way they are creating an impact on social media or the way they are marketing their services.

To prevent your customers to drift to them and create your own impactful presence on the web, it is important to identify all those areas where you excel. Showing your excellence and superiority over your competitors can be another great idea for your blog post.


Now that you have several unique ideas to write a blog, grab a computer and give birth to a compelling blog post.


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