Starling Bank raises £75M in series ‘c’ for its global expansion

by megan jones in News on 16th February 2019

Starling Bank is founded in the year 2014 by Anne Boden with its headquarters located in London. Starling is built with a vision to be a better bank for all the customers. The goal of Starling is to help its customer manage their money in a single app. The best current accounts are built which are secure, digital, and intuitive. Starling is a combination of artists, marketers, money experts, technologists, and designers. All goal is to make management of money really simple for everyone. Banking at Starling is easy, paperless and quicker. It has built-in features that are applicable to its digital and dynamic current accounts. Customers are always given high priority and so, the business is successful with its ethics.


Recently in the series C funding round, Starling bank has raised £75M with Merian Global Investors and Herald McPike as the lead investors. Starling plans to invest these funds in increasing the Bank’s financial products in SME banking, banking services, and retail services. These also include ramp up the international expansion starting from Europe.

Facilities With Starling

Current Accounts
The different types of Current accounts available at Starling are Personal account, Joint account, Euro account, Teen account

  • Personal Account
    The personal account has features like A Mastercard Debit Card, Setup payments and standing orders, managing direct debits, connect to digital wallets like Google pay, Apple pay, Fitbit pay, and Samsung pay easily, cash deposit facility at over 11500 post offices nationwide, interest on the existing balance, FSCS protected.
  • Joint Account
    Joint accounts are available for good friends and couples who share any financial commitments on time basis. Couples usually manage household expenses collectively like house rent, bills, loans or plan and save for any big goal. For these purposes, Joint account can be used. If any two people have personal accounts with starling individually, they can joint those two accounts in the app and then they can start using it by adding money and spending from that by keeping a track of their spendings.
  • Euro Account
    By using a euro account, customers can send, receive, and hold euros for any financial commitments overseas with the Starling bank’s euro account without any charges applied.
    Starling provides the facility to convert pounds to euros and euros to pounds back again with just a single tap. The conversions are done at real exchange rates without any send or receive fees, no hassle, and no commission.
  • Teen Account
    Starling believes it is very important for young people to know to bank properly. So, Teen accounts have been created for young people in 16 to 17 years old. By using Teen accounts, they can learn to manage their own money and can pay for their own stuff. It helps them to be a little more independent and gives freedom. Opening an account is very easy, It only takes five minutes to simply download the app and apply for it.

Business Banking:

Starling provides Business Accounts to its customers and conducts Business talks and facilitates customer case studies.
Starling provides various loans to its customers like Personal loans, Business Overdraft, and Personal Overdraft.
Money Transfer:
Starling allows overseas transfers by making it easy and simple.


Starling has become a successful bank with its innovative financial services and banking facilities. It has been the first business bank in the UK which provides Digital Banking. Starling has become the Amazon among the Banking sector. It even helps the RBS with its digital bank with the methods that Starling Bank follows. Customers at Starling are treated fairly by involving them in designing and considering their inputs to build the products. Hence it reaches the customers needs effectively.


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