Take Advantage of YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 22nd September 2021

Using YouTube Keywords is very important when creating or optimizing your website for the social media site. Keywords are essentially words that contextualize your videos so that YouTube can know what type of video you uploaded. As such video keywords help the site realize who you created it for, and what demographic. But there are only two ways to represent YouTube keywords. Channel names are usually used just like the keywords do on Google.

The first way is to use a program like Fiddler to check if the keywords make sense. For example, using “concertina” as my keyword for my channel on Fiddler makes sense, because Fiddler can analyze the channel tags and find out which words I have used on each video. The second approach is to use software like SMAChet that implements the SMAChet algorithm. SMAChet was developed by Google, hence its name.

An important part of any optimization effort in online marketing is using targeted key phrases. In the case of SEO, we need to take advantage of our target market in order to boost SEO for our website. Therefore, the most important part of SEO is making sure that we use the right keywords. The following tools can greatly improve your chances of finding relevant, targeted keywords for your YouTube videos:

There are actually two formulas for finding the most searched keywords on YouTube. The first algorithm is named, “Channel Search Volume”. This formula takes the total views for every channel on YouTube and then compares it against all the channels that have ever been analyzed using this formula. The second formula is called “anova sensitivity” and deals with channels that have a decent amount of viewers, but which do not meet all of the criteria set forth by the main website, such as “channel duration”.

One other way to optimize videos for YouTube is using the “Yahoo Video Keyword Suggestion Tool”. With this tool, you can enter in a title, description, and tags for every video that you wish to optimize. You will then be presented with a list of all of the keyword suggestions that Yahoo can find for that particular video. These keywords can often be the most effective keywords to optimize for since most YouTube videos have very general descriptions. However, it is also important to note that this tool only suggests general terms and does not analyze the exact keyword density or exact ratio of each keyword within the description.

If you want to take advantage of all of the benefits of YouTube, you need to make sure that you invest the time and energy into optimizing your videos. This will ensure that your videos rank well on the main site as well as in the other video sharing directories. You can take advantage of YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool and the other tools listed above in order to choose high search terms and phrases, which will help you achieve the best possible placement for your videos. Also, you can incorporate the use of SEO techniques in order to ensure that your videos are seen on the front page of YouTube and on other websites.

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